Wednesday, March 31, 2010

China Glaze Bare If You Dare

Hey every one! Quick update before I head to bed, it's almost 12 AM here. I apologize for the lack of update and the lack of response to the comments. I've been so busy lately and it's annoying because this is suppose to be my spring break :(

I have for you China Glaze's Bare If You Dare. I bought this awhile back because I thought it would be a dupe for OPI's Love Me Tender (before I found a cheap one on amazon)

Although it is not the exact dupe of it, I'm glad I got this polish because it is a stunning peachy color with golden shimmer. Although it is a bit sheer, this took 4 coats and the drying time was a little long. As you can see my index nail has a slight dent, and that's within 20 minutes after the manicure!

So I'm sorry that I have to make this post short, but I am extremely pooped out and in great need of sleep. Good night everyone!


  1. i love this!!! exactly what i have been looking for :D is it in their regular catalog or DC? looks great on you!

  2. Ooooooh I love corals..have to try these! Its pretty!

  3. Wooow this one is to die for!! Like it on your nails =P

  4. It's not my kind of color but it looks wonderful on you!

  5. This color definitely makes me look sickly as well, but it's lovely on you. And it makes me want a peach!

  6. This is gorgeous, i've never even seen this shade from China Glaze before!

    ps: I love your new profile picture, you're GORGEOUS! :) xo

  7. Beautiful! I really like it.

  8. kelliegonzo - I believe this is in the regular. I ordered it at transdesign

    Miss Nikka - Corals are starting to grow on me!

    Tiana - Aww thanks!

    nihrida - Thanks!

    Erin - Aww, it takes awhile to find a color to match a skintone -_-

    Caitlin - Thanks! It's when my bangs were still neat and tidy. Now it grew and is all over the place haha

    Asami - Thanks! :)