Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day with Claire's Green Chunky

Howdy ya'll! Happy St. Patrick's Day! I was browsing around everyone's blog looking at their St. Patty's mani and they all look amazing! I didn't have time this year to do any nail art or anything. So I just stuck with Claire's Green Chunky.

I've never tried any of Claire's nail polishes before. Although a few years back in JHS, I remember I always go to this store for their jeweleries and other accessories. Never had I thought about nail polishes then.

Green Chunky - green glitter with hexagonal glitters. It was done in three coats, though could used four for opacity.

I love how shiny, and glittery, and chunky this nail polish is.

Anyways, so I've been uber busy lately. My mom left to Hong Kong the other day, so now I have one less person to help me around. She'll be back within a month though! I told her to buy me some souvenirs, I wonder what she will get me!

Other than that, New York was also hit with a storm on Saturday and the tree in my backyard fell. Good thing it fell sideways and didn't hit my house, but it did hit the patio and the fences and all.

One of the famous parks in Brooklyn called Marine Park looked like a tornado hit it. Trees were torn from their roots. This never happened in New York so you can imagine all the craziness and people freaking out.

OK I'll stop boring you guys with the weather, but to end it on a good note, it's sunny and 65 degrees right now!!

Enjoy your day guys!


  1. this green is a true St. Patrick's green:) Lovely! It looks great on you!

  2. I'm wearing this one today, it's perfect! Looks great on you. And oh my goodness about the tornado in NYC! That must have created a lot of havoc!

  3. KONADomania- thank you! It's a lovely color!

    Nicole - it wasn't even a tornado that hit us! It was just strong wind and strong rain -.- anyways this is the perfect color for st pattys day mani xD

  4. Gorgeous color! I just recently tried claire's nail polishes and I like them :) Sorry about your tree falling, I wonder when all of this crazy weather thats going around will stop! xo

  5. crazy colour!!!!great pics !!!!nice blog honey... i like it ;O)

    i follow you, i hope you follow me toooooo???

    KISS ;*)

  6. Caitlin - I hope this crazy weather stops here. It's so gorgeous out now! But I heard rain in the Eastern area again next week -_- pooey!!!

    dressed to please - Thank you for following! I will certainly follow you as well!