Monday, March 22, 2010

OPI Pink Me I'm Good

Hey all! It's late, but I wanted to get an entry in before I hit the sheets. So I've been lemming OPI's Pink Me I'm Good since I saw swatches of it. Unfortunately, it was a Valentines Day exclusive for Ulta. Even more unfortunate, there are absolutely no near by Ulta's here in New York. Bummer for me. But! With pure luck, I saw a giveaway for this polish from Dia on Honest Babes. I've decided to try my luck, and to my surprise, I was the winner. So you can imagine how extremely happy I was. Those who are unfamiliar with her blog should check it out, she shows lovely swatches!

Pink Me I'm Good - pink jelly packed with gold glitters. 3 coats, direct sunlight.

And here it is in flash to show the gold glitters.

I love it. Thank you so much Dia for this giveaway! You made one nail polish lover really happy!

Dia also included this oh so adorable spring chic mini OPI's. The bottles are so tiny and so cute!

Well that's all I have for you guys. Good night everyone! <3


  1. I've never seen this before & I love it!

  2. I have been looking for this without success. Lucky you!
    It certainly is gorgeous.
    Hoping my not-yet-arrived BB Couture Hermosa Surfer Girl will satisfy this kind of lemming.

  3. That's beautiful! Congrats on your win :) I don't have an Ulta too close by either and I debated driving an hour to pick one up. But then I thought, 'do I really need this'? So I didn't, but everytime I see it, I wish I would've gone to get one.

  4. Yay for winning! This color is stunning on you. I love the little gold glitters, probably one of my favorite pinks!

  5. I love that color, have to buy it somewhere...

    Girls, remember my contest:

  6. sarahloo - It's gorgeous isn't it!?

    jaljen - They didn't have it at Ulta?

    Mary - Thank you Mary! An hour drive is pretty far. The closest Ulta for me is in New Jersey haha

    Jessica - thank you! I think it's one of my favorite pinks as well!

    Charming Nails - They have it on eBay >_>

  7. I bought this polish at Ulta and hate it. I love the color in the bottle, but when I apply I cannot get a smooth application. The glitter gets all stuck on each other and is so bumpy lumpy. I want to love it, any advise??

  8. D Grothe - I had that problem on the first application. But then I shook the hell out of the bottle and it seems to separate the glitters. For smooth nails I applied two coats of a thin top coat, which smoothed it out. Hopefully this helps.