Friday, March 19, 2010

ORLY Sweet Spring Collection 2010

Happy Friday! It's such a gorgeous day out today and it puts me in such a great mood. Today I have for you ORLY's Sweet Spring Collection for 2010. I absolutely love this collection because I am a pastel lover. Anything pastel is a must have for me, no matter HOW similar or identical the colors are. Hence, spring collections are my favorite because of all the pastels!

Snowcone - baby blue creme. 3 coats

Pixy Stix - pink/coral creme. 3 coats. Oh huh? How did that pig get over there? >_>

Lollipop - medium lavender creme. 3 coats

Lemonade - pastel yellow creme. 3 coats. Must tell you application was smooth. You know how majority of yellows are toughies.

Gumdrop - pastel turquoise creme. 3 coats. Beauty!

Cotton Candy - baby pink creme. 3 coats

Cotton Candy with Konad design ( I can never remember the plate #'s)

SO..overall this collection is lovely. Orly brand is starting to attract me even more because of their formula. I've yet to have a problem with their applications. Hopefully they will produce more great colors such as these beauties!

These were all done with 3 coats and a top coat. Pastels are perfect for konad and I'm a little upset I didn't get to play around with them more. Since I got some new konad plates I want to have more fun! But I also wish I had the time for it -_-

So anyways, that is all I have for you guys today.



  1. Perfect! I love this collection :)

  2. such pretty springy colors, i don't think i can pick a favorite, they are all great!

  3. Great swatches!! I can't wait to try my Snowcone and Pixy Stix! =D

  4. mmm, gumdrop & snowcone - lush

  5. I want all of them. :) You've made really good swatches.

  6. Oh so great!
    I will get all of these (and I want the pig too, I just need to catch it first.. ;-) )

  7. really nice swatches, have not swatched mine yet but i will wear them soon now :)

  8. I'm really loving Snow Cone, Pixi Stix and Gumdrop! so cute :) and I love the little random pig haha<3

  9. I'm still very on love with this collection. Makes me smile! :D

  10. This is, indeed, a lovely collection. Gorgeous nails, by the way!

  11. Very cute manis! Love these colors!