Monday, March 8, 2010

Zoya Ultra Glitter Collection

Hey guys! I'm late on this post but better late than never. I finally got to try Zoya's Ultra Glitter collection. So much dust has been collected on these bottles because I haven't touched it for so long =X

So on with the swatches:

Nova- a dark fuchsia glitter

Luna - light gray silver base with silver glitters

Astra - a reddish pink glitter

So my opinion is I loved all three of them, but my favorite happens to be Astra. I don't own any glitters like such color. It's gorgeous. Luna is also gorgeous too with it's silver light base along with silver glitters. As for Nova, it's like Roxy but I think it's darker. I've never tried Roxy before, it's still on my untried storage.

All these were done in three coats, it was smooth application. However, you should definitely let it dry before applying the next coat which will cause 'balding' on the nails (as shown in my ring finger for Luna)

I don't know whether I love this collection. I think I just like it. I'm not too hyped up about them, but don't get me wrong, they're pretty colors. Just not my taste I guess :)

That's all I have for today!


  1. I agree with you, I think that Astra is the prettiest! xo

  2. I skipped this because I didn't feel like I had to have it. The only one I think I might want to get is Astra - it's so pretty and unusual in shade for a glitter, I certainly don't own one like that. Your swatches are pretty!

  3. I have to agree with you about the liking, though I really like Nova. But I think I'll pass on these. Super swatches!

  4. Caitlin: I think so too, it's too unique!

    gildedangel: Thanks!

    Nicole: It's not a collection you MUST have. But Astra is gorgeous :)

    poshnail: thanks!

    laquermanic: I don't really think they're worth the money >_>