Monday, April 12, 2010

4 Barielle Wildflower Collection

Hey ladies! I am buggin' out with all these allergies :( I have two tissues shoved up my nose right.. sexy I know :) but I used up 2 boxes of tissues in one day haha insane.

Anyways, today I have four colors from the Barielle Wildflower Collection. I didn't get the other two being that they didn't interest me whatsoever.

Myzra's Meadow - a light green with a holographic glitters. I like this. 3 coats

June Bug - a blue gray mixed with blue, purple, red, and silver glitters. Very interesting. 3 coats.

Blossom - pink/peach creme. Love it! 3 coats

A Bouquet for Ava - bright teal creme. 3 coats

Formula on these were your typical Barielle formulas. Very thick and hard to work with. I did three coats not because out of habit but because they needed that many to even out. You can see some of the thickness especially on Myrza's Meadow. All four colors are unique in its own way. One bad effect for me was that, a bouquet of ava stain the crap out of my nails. After removal my nails wear stained teal. Even after a few weeks. It's been three weeks and my nails still show a little blue from this. That's the only negative about that polish.

So that is all I have for you guys today! Enjoy the summer weather!

Mucho love<3


  1. these look great on you! i didn't love them when i first saw bottle pictures, but they're growing on me :)

  2. thanks for sharing these nice swatches i got to have myrza's meadow and june bug :)I am pretty sure i once owned a lancome polish similar to june bug but without the glitters snd i loved that one so much....poor wallet here we go again...

  3. Nice swatches! You have been tagged!!!

  4. I really love the Blossom colour, all the colours look much better on than in the bottle

  5. kelliegonzo - Thanks! Yea they didn't attract me either but I decided to try them!

    Crystaliciousss - You're welcome! Those two are gorgeous colors!

    Tropical Mind - Aww thanks :)

    JustMyNails - I agree with you!