Saturday, April 3, 2010

RGB Minty

TGIF! Although my Friday is already over. It's like close to 1 AM here >_> so it's really Saturday, so happy weekend!

Ok I don't know if any of you are sick of mint greens yet, but I'm sure not xD

This is my first time trying RGB nail polish. And I can honestly tell you I have the slightest information about this brand. I saw Minty swatches on a few blogs and fell in love with it. And their brand can be purchased at their website at for $14 a bottle and complimentary shipping. Pricey? Yes.. considering the size of the bottle but what the heck, I love trying new things anyway.

Minty - mint green creme. duh! Some reason my picture makes it look slight blue hue in it, but I can tell you that it's mint green to my eyes (in person). Hope my eyes are not playing games with me.

This was done with 2 coats. The formula seem fine with me. Not streaky at all however it was a tad thick to me. But I've worked with far worst formulas, so this was nothing to me.

So that is that. Will any of you mint green lovers be splurging $14 for this? I don't regret buying this tho..


  1. Isn't there some psychological thing where if you believe something enough, it's true in your own mind? ("The bottle says Minty, therefore it's mint green!") ;D

    It's a really gorgeous color on you! (And I even tipped my laptop screen so that the bluish tint turned more green!) A really great Spring-y color.

    Would you buy more of this particular brand (considering the price, formula, application, etc.), or is this the only color that really drew you?

  2. I've been considering getting this too, because I just can't resist these mint greens. Very pretty! I don't know if I'll get it, but I do like your swatches!

  3. It's gorgeous and it looks beautiful on you.

  4. I think that I'm mightttt wear this color for my easter mani, your post has reminded me of how much I like it! xo

  5. Sick of mint greens???! *shakes my head*
    I'm currently wearing Ciaté Custard and Apple. Not sick. :D
    Happy minty Easter!!!

  6. Erin: This was the only color that stood out for me.. unless I see more "WOWOWOWOW" colors then I'll buy :D

    Nicole: I think you should get it if you have other colors you like from them! Thanks!

    nihrida: Thank you :)

    Caitlin: Haha I remember seeing your swatches of it!

    laquermanic: Mint greens are the best! I never heard of the brand Ciate o_o

  7. I've been lemming this forever, along with the other taupe-y colors of RGB. I hope this is not LE. :(

    I guess I'm just waiting for some sort of good deal - like a 20% off or something like that. A girl can dream!

    This is such a lovely swatch, btw. Loving this mint green on you.