Monday, April 19, 2010

A whole lot of randoms

Hey guys. Anyone else suffering from allergies? My head is pounding, my nose feels like it's about to fall off, and my eyes are so irritated that I need to put neosporin on the skin surrounding my eyes. This is brutal! Not even medicine is working and I hate it :(

I decided to just put a whole lot of randomness into this one single post because I have way too many pictures backed up. Before I go on, I must say the pictures aren't the greatest so please forgive me :)

OPI Give Me the Moon - pale silvery blue with slight iridescence. Three coats.

Misa Sorry Can't Help It - medium purple creme. Three coats

Lippmann Collection Call Me Irresponsible - purple jelly. A little sheer, 3 coats.

Sally Hansen Purple Pizazz - Purple with pinkish gold hints of glitter. Three coats

Orly Wild Wisteria - dark purple creme with blue hint. Sorry this picture was taken in flash, I could've sworn I took a picture of it with artificial lights but I can't seem to find it..

OPI Bubble Bath - a milky white with slight pink creme. Three coats

Milani Totally 80s - a yellow-green neon. Three coats. Gorgeous!

Milani Hot Pink - a dark hot pink with gold micro-glitters. Three coats.

Milani Fresh Teal - a neon teal. Three coats. (CON- stained the crap out of my nails)

Color Club Fashion Addict - silver purple holo. Three coats.

So majority of these are oldies but also some new ones.

I'm so excited to for the OPI Shrek Forever After Collection and the Essie Resort collection. Ah nail polish, why do I have such love towards thee?


  1. My allergies have been awful for weeks. I keep getting horrible headaches that last for days plus constant sneezing. I hope your allergies clear up soon! Nice swatches. I love Give me the Moon, Wild Wisteria, and Fashion Addict.

  2. I live in NC, allergy season has been hell for the whole fam. Hope u get well soon!

  3. My allergies have been awful too... but my mum picked up some really big allergy pills for me and they've been helping tons, lol! I hope that you feel better! I'm really excited for the Shrek and essie collections toooo xo

  4. Really like Misa Sorry Can't Help It, what a gorgeous shade of purple!

    Hope your allergies settle down a bit soon