Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Claire's Mood Nail Polish

Hey! I finally got the chance to try these Claire's mood nail polishes. When I saw these on other blogs I thought they were cool and was dying to try them! This is very picture heavy because some deserved a few shots!

Calm/Wild - when warm, it gives a bright pink shimmer, and when cold it gives a bright purple shimmer.

I love the gradient look

It looked cool in that angle



Daring/Innocent - cold - gray, warm - this weird looking nude color

Interesting combo

I couldn't get it to the completely nude color!

Under cold water.. oo bubble! *pop*

Happy/Earthy - when cold it's a bright neon-ish green, when hot it's a bright yellow green


This looks like some type of 'nail porn' >_> nails taking a shower! Anyways, this is running under warm water

Under cold water

Peaceful/confident - when cold it's a teal, and hot it's bright blue

This one didn't do much for me, hence only one picture. Even running under hot/cold water it still looked the same to me. You only see slight gradient in this one.

Fabulous/funky - under cold it's dark pink, under hot it's bright pink.

Again this one didn't do much for me either. Not as cool as the other 3, but you still see a little difference on this one.

These were fun to play with, especially under water to see the color change. I'm easily amazed lol. They didn't last long, they chip after a few hours of wear, maybe you're not suppose to put a top coat over it? I don't know but they dry matte. Application was ok not great not bad. I think almost all of them are three coats.

So would any of you be trying these if you haven't yet?


  1. I would LOVE to get these,
    but unfortunately they don't sell them here in the netherlands :( too bad!

  2. I am soo going into my local Claire's to see if they have these! They look so cool :) xx

  3. I like calm/wild because of the shimmer!

  4. They are gorgeous! Too bad I can't get them anyhere :(

  5. Oh my god <3 the first pink/purple one and the yellow/green one!

  6. i like these, but since i wear my nails short i wont get that pretty gradient look when my nails aren't dipped in hot/cold water..i'll just enjoy swatches on the web.

  7. love that the gradient is caused by the temperature difference between the nail on your nailplate, and the free edge tips! VERY COOL!

  8. Just found your blog and love it!!
    I love the moods...I'm missing daring/innocent. I think it is so unique.

    Please checkout my blog

    Thanks you :)