Monday, June 14, 2010

Borghesem Milani, & Revlon

I'm finally updating! Gosh, life just gets busier and busier every day -_-

I have a bunch of Borghese, Milani, and Revlon's that I've bought for awhile and never got to try on.

Well I finally did with each as NOTD's instead of swatching it.


Limoncello -
yellow/gold frost. 3 coats. I am in LOVE with this one. I thought this would be my least favorite, but it turn out to be my favorite. It looks a little more gold with hint of yellow.

Pisatcchio - sheer shimmery green. 5 coats. Yes five coats. Any green that needs that many coats doesn't deserve my love. If it was opaque in 2 coats I would've like this more.

Plummagio Purple - blurple. 2 coats. Actually this is more navy blue than purple. It has hints of purple red shimmer in it but barely there. Looks purple on the bottle though.

Stellare Notte - blacken blue/green/purple duochrome. 2 coats. Very pretty.

Tutti Gelati - bright pink with microglitters. 2 coats. Very cute!


Digital - pink holo. 2 coats

Sweet - barbie pink creme. 3 coats


Lilac Pastelle - pastel lavendar creme. 3 coats. (Dries really slow)

Minted - pastel mint green creme. 3 coats (again dries terribly)

So all these are drugstore finds of course. Milani has the best formula/application IMO. Borghese formula is not bad either but their brush is hard to get used to. Revlon is kinda thick and the dry time is terrible.

I'm working on all my drugstore brand nail polishes this whole month. I have a lot of Sally Hansen to do... I hope I get to it >_<

I don't have time to do swatches anymore so my posts are gonna be slower since all the pics are literally gonna be NOTD pics. I hope that's OK with everyone :)


  1. nice all is got is stellare notte im lemming for pistachio :)

  2. Wow thanks for all these swatches! I'm loving Limoncello and both the Revlon polishes! Too bad the formula for the Revlon isn't that great :(

  3. I had the same problem with the Revlons. They literally never dried on me, even with Seche.

  4. Pretty colors! I love the pinks. How much did you pay for Borghese (if you don't mind me asking)? I've seen them all over but they're kinda pricey.

  5. Megan Harmeyer - I got them for $8 at Rite Aid. Pretty pricey for a drugstore brand =/

  6. I am kicking myself for not getting Limoncello! It looks pretty on you!