Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Essie Summer Collection 2010

Hey guys! I finally have the Essie Summer Collection up and about. I really liked this collection for many reasons: the variety in colors, the surprises in certain bottles, and of course Essie's flawless applications.

Here it goes

Demure Vixen - iridescent mauve. 3 coats. Here's my favorite one. In certain lights you can see hints of purple in it which makes it very interesting.

Haute As Hello - neon coral. 3 coats. Surprise #1. This looked like a regular coral creme. However, when applied on the nails it turns out to be a bright coral with a neon finish, since it dries matte.

Knockout Pout - hot neon pink. 3 coats. Surprise #2. Looks like an ordinary soft pink shade on bottle. But on nails its a hot bright pink!

Miss Matched - Sheer lavender pink. Not quite lavender, not quite pink, not quite nude. Maybe in between. 3 coats. This was the only one I wasn't excited about.

Pretty Edgy - GREEN GREEN GREEN! 3 coats. A true green creme. Woweeeee. I love this one as much as I loved Demure Vixen. Good job Essie!!

Vermillionaire - red orange creme. 2 coats. I thought this was going to be a red creme from the promo pictures but it's a true orange red creme. Pretty bright too.

And that is all I have for today!


  1. Hurray for Essie throwing a Pretty Edgy at us! I love that it's such a pure pure green!

  2. I love vermillionare, lol. I thought I had the cutest colors but I see i'm missing a few.

  3. I love Pretty Edgy and Vermillionaire! I hope Essie continues to throw in a few greens and other "unusual" colours.

  4. I want DV so bad, esp after seeing this swatch.

  5. I love preety edgy i love greens like that (and any other greens;d)


  6. Really liking Pretty Edgy and Haute as Hello, although I could never pull of green nail polish.