Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Claire's Mood Nail Polishes

Hey guys! I'm having a 5 day weekend since our office is moving to a different location and I'm not needed for help. Kinda happy to have these few days off :) More time for my lovely nail polishes. So today I have more Claire's MOOD nail polishes to show. I believe these are the new ones since I didn't see these on shelf the last time I bought their MOOD nail polishes. They did a great improvement; color wise. I didn't take any pictures of it changing color because this time my nails are long enough and the colors are gorgeously contrasted to show the changes in colors! Here are the swatches:

Flirty/Shy - a bright blue when warm, and dark blue when cold. Super cool, super hot color. 3 coats. I did 2 coats on my right hand (didn't take a picture sorry) and I realize the less coat you use, the more it shows for the change in colors. Though here with 3 coats it still showed very well.

Excited/Bored - coral peach when warm, bright orange/pink when cold. 2 coats. I love this one as well. It shows the changes in color really good.

A different view, which I thought made my nails look cool haha

I think Claire's did a great job with the colors. Loving both of them, and I hope they continue to make more colors in the future.

Although I've had terrible experiences with Claire's in the mall near me. Their workers have extremely bad attitudes, and the security guards even once accused me of stealing. One thing I will never do in my life is steal. That is just not me, so I was really offended when he asked to check my bag. I should've just told him no and asked to see the manager, but I didn't want to waste time. But I did make him feel stupid after he checked and nothing was in there. As for the workers, one time I was in there getting ready to pay, and this lady screamed out, "You ready?" Of course I would instantly think she was talking to me, so I responded "Yes." and she said "Not you" with this nasty attitude. So I barely shop there unless I know that new polishes are out. And I try to spend very little time in there. However, I have been to other Claire's, and this is the only one I dislike.

OK I think I typed enough haha, hope everyone enjoys their day!


  1. Wow, that sucks about the whole stealing thing. I don't care for the people who work at the Claires in my mall either. You can stand at the counter for 5 minutes before they turn around and help you. It seems like the workers are always talking to each other. I bought two of the new Claires polishes: Flirty/Shy and Peaceful/Confident.

  2. Waa~! I'd love to try this nail polishes, but I think that in Spain they aren't sold... (¬_¬)


  3. I have the blue one and I love it, although it does not last very long before it chips!

    I can't believe he thought you were stealing..what an idiot!

  4. I went to Claire's a couple weeks ago - *just* to find that blue Mood polish but it was a bust. I'm sensing another excursion in the not too distant future!

  5. These new colors look great! I'm "excited" about the peach one. (Hehe, couldn't help it.)

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience... I had that happen to me once at Claire's nonetheless, and I had already came from Forever 21, and the guard wanted to check that bag too! Instead of letting him, I asked him if he wanted to check my shoes too and walked away.

    Claire's + bad service = Claire's ban. I'm rather tempted to go into one soon though because the peach looks awesome!

  6. These both look so pretty, I need to pick up both of them! I have the grey/peach one as well as the pink/purple one and I love them, they're so fun!

    That sucks about your Claire's, I never go in there except for when I had heard about the mood polish a few months ago and we had to stand at the cash register for a good 20 minutes with a line of complaining people behind me before an employee showed up!

  7. These are quite lovely, and their colour change isn't too drastic, which is good! I can see myself staring at these change colours all day...