Thursday, July 15, 2010

OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow Suede

Hello fellow nail fanatics!

Today I have OPI's Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow Suede version.

Which is a completely different look from the original HTAT.

Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow Suede - green shimmer matte. 3 coats

Surprisingly application for this was pretty smooth. I liked it as well. But I just wish OPI gave it a different name instead of just calling it HTAT suede. But whatever floats their boat! I have no complaints, it's green and I love it xD

Here's an old picture of the original HTAT. Which is very blackened green that you can barely tell it's green unless it's hit with direct sunlight.

And here's Zoya's Veruschka from their Velvet collection.

Unfortunately I couldn't find my bottle to compare it. My helmers are VERY unorganized -_- It could be different lighting but I *believe* HTAT is darker than Veruschka. Being that Veruschka is taken under artificial light, and HTAT suede is taken under sunlight that could be a difference. However, IMO, if you have Veruschka you can skip HTAT. But if you're a green polish fan (like me) it doesn't hurt to own it :)

That is all I have for today!


  1. I don't know why OPI doesn't just name their Suede polishes different names. The Suede versions never match the originals.

    I like the Suede version better than the original, I don't really like almost black polishes.

  2. They should name them different - after all, they're different! Do you have any matte top coat? It would be interesting to see if the original looks similar to the suede (or visa versa).

  3. Clearly Suede means "colors that are in the same color family of the original... but not the other side of the spectrum" in OPOI speak :) haha I do love the suedes though, expecially with a top coat - I can't wait to find this in stores!

  4. So I was googling "suede nail polish" and came across the photo you have for OPI's Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow polish and thought "I don't have that colour.. but those look like my nails.." I just thought it was interesting that someone has similar nails as me so I had to share it :)
    I love the colour