Monday, July 12, 2010

OPI Shrek Forever After Collection

Hey guys! I finally got around to the OPI Shrek Forever After collection. I'm slowly catching up but it's extremely hard with so many new nail polishes coming out! I"m trying my best -_-

I loved this collection, although I didn't get to watch Shrek Forever After yet. I guess I'll wait till it comes out in DVD. I loved Shrek 1 and 2, and wasn't as excited for the third one, though I heard great reviews for the last movie.

Fiercely Fiona - yellow green creme. Looks yellow in my picture, however, in certain lights it's more greenish. 3 coats.

Who The Shrek Are You? - an ogre green. Haha well it's hard to describe this green. It's fabulous that's all I know :) 3 coats

What's With the Cattitude? - a pastel blue creme. 3 coats

Ogre-the-Top Blue - bright teal blue creme. 2 coats

Rumple's Wiggin' - lavender creme. 3 coats

Funky Dunkey - dark purple creme. 2 coats

And here's my favorite part of Shrek of all times.


I love that face xD

The application for these were smooth. Majority only needed 2 coats, only Fiercely Fiona really needed 3 coats for full coverage. The rest were pretty opaque.

That is all for today!


  1. AHHH! I actually just got the remaining colors that I need for this collection this past weekend! I was super excited, I think this is one of my most favorite collections so far.

  2. I hate fiercely fiona, i got minis and every time i paint my nails with FF i have a lot of smudges and bubbles :/

  3. I really want Who the Shrek are You? and What's With the Cat-titude! Great swatches :)

  4. Puss in boots <3 <3 <3
    I like the WTSAY? and FF.

  5. Im so in love with this collections colors. I cant wait to head to C.B. Sullivan and pick it up!