Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AVON Going Green for Summer Collection

Just a few more posts on Summer collections and I promised you I'm done! (Aside from a bunch of Illamasqua and Nfu-Oh polishes) I've been working on my Fall collection swatches lately :)

Anyways, before I head off to work, I just want to do a quick post on Avon's Going Green for Summer collection featuring two colors: Jade and Olive Green. Check out the swatches below!

Jade - a green based mint green. A true mean green! I love how this color just "glows" It's awesome! I had slight problem with application for this one. Some reason it was a little hard to control and a bit streaky. But after a third thick coat it seem fine.

Olive Green - dusty green creme. 2 coats. This one reminds me of RBL's Orbis Non Sufficit. This color was heavily pigmented. It's a close dupe, I believe Orbis Non Sufficit is darker. One coat did the job, but out of habit I did two.

These are available to purchase on www.avon.com. Sometimes they have deals like buy 3 for $7. Right now it's on sale for $3.99. Retail price is $5.00.

This is my first time trying Avon nail polishes. I can't guarantee I'm going to buy more. Although I am deeply in love with their base coat. It's by far the best base coat I've tried. I loved it so much that I bought 6 more bottles (when it was on sale of course). What I loved about their base coat is that it's not.. "sticky". You know how some base coats get a little sticky towards the end? I'm halfway done with one bottle and no problems at all. Still goes on smooth and does the job as a base coat.

Ok well that is all I have for today. Off to work I go :(


  1. I think there's a UK offer this month of £3 each on these. I mean to get them before the price pops back up.

  2. im having that sticky situation with my atual base coat from beauty secrets :ridge filler. i think ill try avon one.

  3. Amazing post!
    I'm a big fan of green/blue polishes!

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  4. Mína - It's a really nice mint green!

    Paulina - I agree with you whole heartedly :)

    jaljen - Yes get it ASAP! :D

    LadyLuck27 - I have no trouble with the gooey situation yet for the Avon base coat!

    Kiu - Thank you. I've never heard of that polish brand before :P