Saturday, September 25, 2010

BB Couture "Regular Guys" and "The Formal" Collection

Taking a break from reading for tomorrow's class. Today I have two collections from BB Couture for men. The Regular Guys and The Formal Guys. I ordered these back in April. As you can tell from my recent posts, most of my polishes were from March-May lol. Well I finally got to them. This is my first time trying BB Couture for men. Same formulas as the women ones. Super smooth application and no troubles. This is why I love BB Couture. And not to mention, the excellent customer service from Kim of Overall Beauty!

Enough with the babbling, on with the swatches!

Regular Guys

Blue Collar - a periwinkle blue with white shimmer

Golf Pro - a swampy green with silver and greenish shimmer

Mariner - deep forest green shimmer. This was good with one coat, but I did two coats because this one is tricky in application as there are brush strokes. But after a top coat the brush strokes seems to disappear.

Coal Miner - hmm.. a dark gray taupe? with blue and pink flecks. This color is very hard to describe, though very attractive.

Cowboy - taupe creme with subtle shimmer

Bullfighter - bright red. This has a semi jelly base. I love it, and it is now my favorite red!

The Formal Collection

Incognito - grey base with pink, purple, and blue shimmer. Yummy!

Dress Rehearsal - greenish gray with some silver shimmer.

Dinner Jacket - beautiful blue shimmer with a hint of purple shimmer

Award Medal - gold based shimmer with flashes of olive green or purple in certain lights. I love this one.

Tuxedo Night - reminds of dark raspberry chocolate with red and gold glitters

Ceremony - I can honestly tell you I can't describe the colors. There's a mix of brown and green in it. I had problems with application for this one, it was a little streaky. And it was very hard to capture in picture. That's why this one is a picture of it with no direct sunlight. I still like it though!

And there you go, BB Couture Regular Guys and The Formal collection all shown here. What do you guys think of these two collections? I can say There's not a single polish I didn't like from these collections. They're all gorgeous! This is why I love BB Couture. I am saving up to buy the Infamous Lovers collections!


  1. The last two and bullfighter are such beauties!

  2. Love Incognito and Blue Collar! Thanks for sharing all these, they're nice!

  3. incognito looks like paradoxal, not?

  4. I was just about to ask too -- does Incognito resemble Paradoxal? Could you please do a comp for us?

  5. Sarah B. - I love Bullfighter the most :)

    peripatetic33 - It's an interesting shade of green

    Aurora's Nails - Blue Collar is a gorgeous blue

    splattergirl - similar but not identical.

    emmajoy - Yes I will do a comparison of Incognito and Paradoxal for you guys soon :)

    Jabelchen - It's a nice green :D