Friday, September 24, 2010

Borghese Minis

Good afternoon all. Today I have two *new* Borghese minis to show. They were available in stores around Spring/Summer. And of course I am swatching it now -_- If you missed out on these minis it's ok because it's nothing special. But I thought they were cute and decided to get it.

Borghese Torta Dolce

Sheer gold shimmer

Sheer blue shimmer

Sheer pink shimmer

Sheer green shimmer

These are suppose to worn over colors, but I have yet to try that. Because alone it seems like boring colors.

Borghese Confetti

White pearly shimmer

Fuchsia creme

Purple shimmer

Electric blue shimmer

Overall, this was a yawn to me. Nothing exciting like I've said before. Since they are minis they were a little hard to use. I do like the electric blue shimmer though. It's very bright and vibrant.


  1. I saw these in CVS yesterday, picked them up and put them right back.. nothing to wow here for me..

  2. Wow gorgeous! The Confetti collection is amazing! Especially the white. I bet Torta Dolce looks great layered.

  3. I like the sheer blue shimmer and the electric blue shimmer :)

  4. Kim - Nothing exciting with these two minis

    Aurora's Nails - Yes I only like the white. It seems nice.

    SilhouetteScreams - They're nice colors, but not for my taste =p