Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Spam

Happy 1st day of fall! Being that summer is *officially* over I want to get started on my Fall collection swatches. But I have so many polishes dated back in March that has yet to be swatched. Hopefully I get everything done by end of September so I can start my Fall swatches in October!

So today I have a bunch of Diamond Cosmetics nail polishes to show. This is my first time trying this brand and I have no complaints. They're affordable and have a variety of colors, some are unique, some are you average Jane. I chose a few colors to purchase that attracted my eyes! Aside from being affordable, their formula is pretty good. Application was smooth and flawless, no streaks. Majority needed 2 coats only but some I did 3. One thing I know for sure is I'll definitely be purchasing more from this brand in the future.

Amethyst and Diamonds - a purple with frost-ish finish infused with flecks of silver glitter. 2 coats. Any February babies here? :)

Blue Diamonds - bright blue with silver glitters. 2 coats

Chainmail Charm - warm black holo. 2 coats. As if I didn't get enough of holos from my Nubar Prisms collection. I didn't! I love holos and I love this!

Cherry Tobacco - vampy cherry red shimmer. 2 coats

Don't Teal My Heart Away - teal creme. 2 coats

Hi-Ho Silver - purple silver shimmer. 2 coats. Slight duochrome

Never So Ever Green - smokey green with gold shimmer. 2 coats. Pretty unique color I must say.

Oh, Tiff! - Tiffany blue! Well from the name anyway. It's a baby blue, pretty close to Tiffany blue but not exact. 2 coats

Orange Blossom - soft orange jelly, more towards coral pink. 3 coats. I love this one, and this made me fall in love with jellys in which I'm trying to find more of!

Seafoam Spray - light seafoam green pearl. 2 coats Does not look as bright as it does in my picture. It's very pale in person, and I love the uniqueness of this color.

Serendipity - a grey-toned blue shimmer. 2 coats

Tranquility - bright baby blue creme. 2 coats

Diamond Cosmetics nail polishes retails for $2.00 and can be purchased through their website at

My favorites so far are: Chainmail Charm, Orange Blush, Seafoam Spray, and Never So Ever Green!

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  1. Orange Blossom, I need it! So gorgeous! I love jellies too. :-)

  2. I like Seafoam Spray, Serendipity, Chainmail Charm and Never So Evergreen!

  3. Chainmail is an absolute classic. The UK retailer is no longer in business and they don't seem to ship to the UK from the US. It's a great shame.

  4. Asami - jellies are so awesome!

    Serena - They're all gorgeous shades huh? ;)

    jaljen - AWw really? That really sucks =/

    SilhouetteScreams - Love holos!

  5. Someday I'm gonna cave on these! Thanks for your swatches- they're gonna be very helpful when I finally order! ;-)

  6. Hiiiii! Okay, so it JUST hit me that these are freaking TWO DOllARS! Wow! I'm totally going to make an order. Just wondering if you knew if any of their other colors were jelly too like Orange Blossom? Thanks. :-)

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