Sunday, September 26, 2010

Random Nubar Spam

Today I have a bunch of Nubar swatches to show you guys. It's all mostly of purple shades for some odd reason lol.

Below: Nubar Moon Shadow. First picture is taken under fluorescent lights. Second picture is direct sunlight, and third picture is natural light. It's a purple, maroon shimmer with a hint of gold duochrome. The duochrome here is quite weak, but it's still a pretty color.

Below: Pasadena Purple. Taken under fluorescent light and direct sunlight. It is a vibrant purple shimmer with a semi-metallic look to it. A few visible brush strokes are shown.

Below: Peacock Feathers. My favorite of the bunch. It's a duochrome with blue, purple, and green. I took 5 pictures of this one to try and capture the true beauty of it.

Below: Purple Rain Glitter is a dark purple with silver/gold/pink glitter. Very pretty

Below: Raspberry Truffle from their Chocolate Truffles collection. The only one I bought from that collection. It's a chocolate brown with hints of pink and gold flecks. Absolutely adore this one! The sunlight picture shows more of the flecks.

Below: Violet Sparkle from their sparkles collection. A very sexy purple glitter. This is the only one I brought from the Sparkles collection because the others didn't appeal to me much. I love how this one stood out from the rest of the collection.

Of course Nubar has perfect formula and smooth application. Majority were two coaters aside to some were three (but wasn't really necessary) I loved all of these!


  1. Excellent swatches. I love Nubar, excellent quality and application.

  2. Love Nubar! They're being added to my Christmas wish list now. :) Thanks for the swatches.

  3. I love those colours! Unfortunately I haven't tried any Nubars yet :(

  4. LOVE Purple Rain Glitter and Violet Sparkle :3 so gorgeous

  5. Peacock Feathers is my favorite, too!!!!!! WOW that's beautiful!

  6. I love them all, how sick is that? lol

  7. Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes - I agree :)

    LadyLuck27 - Thanks xD

    Megan Harmeyer - Haha! No probs!

    swellmel - Yes I love it :)

    Spaceinvaders - Try them soon!

    SilhouetteScreams - Yes they are very gorgeous glitters :)

    Aurora's Nails - You have to see it in person!

    Morgaine - Not sick at all! Because I love them all too ;)

  8. I love all the colors you choose, I have some o the same.

    Great post! :)