Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lippmann Collection 'All That Jazz' Color Trio (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Hey guys, I'm up early because I'm going on a "mini vacation" for four days. So I decided to do a quick update while waiting for my boyfriend. I have the Lippmann Collection All The Jazz from Nordstrom.

This collection was a huge improvement compared to their previous one, in which I even forgot the name (Ruby Red Slippers was in it). Because I loved all three of them!

Here they are:

Razzle Dazzle - raspberry jelly base with raspberry glitters. 2 coats. Sorry for the blurry pic but my camera was running on low battery when I took this. I was too lazy to charge -_-

Lady Sings the Blues - dark navy blue base with silver/blue glitters and hex glitters. 3 coats. I love how the blue hex shows even with the dark base.

Some Enchanted Evening - a clear base with salmon pink glitters and hex. 2 coats. I decided to layer this over white (RBL's Underwear) to give it a more "softer" look. I like how it turned out. :)

And that is all I have for now, gotta run! See ya'll in four days :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some BB Couture's from Butterfly & Lady Bug Collections

Hello! So I finally go to the BB Couture SPRING collections. Absolutely late I know since it's scorching hot summer right now. -_- I'm like melting in my room as I'm typing this. I love BB Couture nail polishes with their variety of colors and not to mention, so many GREENS!! I didn't buy the whole collection as I'm not a fan of reds, plus trying to save money here lol

Butterfly Collection

Skipper - bright pink creme/frost. 3 coats

Peacock - hassle free yellow creme. 3 coats. No streaks, no problem!

Emperor - peachy creme with very slight hints of silver glitter. 3 coats

Caterpillar - creamy green with silver speckles. 3 coats

LadyBug Collection

Signs of Spring - blue creme with hints of silver specks. 3 coats

Man Bug - turquoise creme with gold and silver speckles. 3 coats LOVEE!!

Beetle Baily - purple/mauve creme. 2 coats

And that is all I have for today! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Claire's Mood Nail Polishes

Hey guys! I'm having a 5 day weekend since our office is moving to a different location and I'm not needed for help. Kinda happy to have these few days off :) More time for my lovely nail polishes. So today I have more Claire's MOOD nail polishes to show. I believe these are the new ones since I didn't see these on shelf the last time I bought their MOOD nail polishes. They did a great improvement; color wise. I didn't take any pictures of it changing color because this time my nails are long enough and the colors are gorgeously contrasted to show the changes in colors! Here are the swatches:

Flirty/Shy - a bright blue when warm, and dark blue when cold. Super cool, super hot color. 3 coats. I did 2 coats on my right hand (didn't take a picture sorry) and I realize the less coat you use, the more it shows for the change in colors. Though here with 3 coats it still showed very well.

Excited/Bored - coral peach when warm, bright orange/pink when cold. 2 coats. I love this one as well. It shows the changes in color really good.

A different view, which I thought made my nails look cool haha

I think Claire's did a great job with the colors. Loving both of them, and I hope they continue to make more colors in the future.

Although I've had terrible experiences with Claire's in the mall near me. Their workers have extremely bad attitudes, and the security guards even once accused me of stealing. One thing I will never do in my life is steal. That is just not me, so I was really offended when he asked to check my bag. I should've just told him no and asked to see the manager, but I didn't want to waste time. But I did make him feel stupid after he checked and nothing was in there. As for the workers, one time I was in there getting ready to pay, and this lady screamed out, "You ready?" Of course I would instantly think she was talking to me, so I responded "Yes." and she said "Not you" with this nasty attitude. So I barely shop there unless I know that new polishes are out. And I try to spend very little time in there. However, I have been to other Claire's, and this is the only one I dislike.

OK I think I typed enough haha, hope everyone enjoys their day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Essie Summer Collection 2010

Hey guys! I finally have the Essie Summer Collection up and about. I really liked this collection for many reasons: the variety in colors, the surprises in certain bottles, and of course Essie's flawless applications.

Here it goes

Demure Vixen - iridescent mauve. 3 coats. Here's my favorite one. In certain lights you can see hints of purple in it which makes it very interesting.

Haute As Hello - neon coral. 3 coats. Surprise #1. This looked like a regular coral creme. However, when applied on the nails it turns out to be a bright coral with a neon finish, since it dries matte.

Knockout Pout - hot neon pink. 3 coats. Surprise #2. Looks like an ordinary soft pink shade on bottle. But on nails its a hot bright pink!

Miss Matched - Sheer lavender pink. Not quite lavender, not quite pink, not quite nude. Maybe in between. 3 coats. This was the only one I wasn't excited about.

Pretty Edgy - GREEN GREEN GREEN! 3 coats. A true green creme. Woweeeee. I love this one as much as I loved Demure Vixen. Good job Essie!!

Vermillionaire - red orange creme. 2 coats. I thought this was going to be a red creme from the promo pictures but it's a true orange red creme. Pretty bright too.

And that is all I have for today!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow Suede

Hello fellow nail fanatics!

Today I have OPI's Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow Suede version.

Which is a completely different look from the original HTAT.

Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow Suede - green shimmer matte. 3 coats

Surprisingly application for this was pretty smooth. I liked it as well. But I just wish OPI gave it a different name instead of just calling it HTAT suede. But whatever floats their boat! I have no complaints, it's green and I love it xD

Here's an old picture of the original HTAT. Which is very blackened green that you can barely tell it's green unless it's hit with direct sunlight.

And here's Zoya's Veruschka from their Velvet collection.

Unfortunately I couldn't find my bottle to compare it. My helmers are VERY unorganized -_- It could be different lighting but I *believe* HTAT is darker than Veruschka. Being that Veruschka is taken under artificial light, and HTAT suede is taken under sunlight that could be a difference. However, IMO, if you have Veruschka you can skip HTAT. But if you're a green polish fan (like me) it doesn't hurt to own it :)

That is all I have for today!

Monday, July 12, 2010

OPI Shrek Forever After Collection

Hey guys! I finally got around to the OPI Shrek Forever After collection. I'm slowly catching up but it's extremely hard with so many new nail polishes coming out! I"m trying my best -_-

I loved this collection, although I didn't get to watch Shrek Forever After yet. I guess I'll wait till it comes out in DVD. I loved Shrek 1 and 2, and wasn't as excited for the third one, though I heard great reviews for the last movie.

Fiercely Fiona - yellow green creme. Looks yellow in my picture, however, in certain lights it's more greenish. 3 coats.

Who The Shrek Are You? - an ogre green. Haha well it's hard to describe this green. It's fabulous that's all I know :) 3 coats

What's With the Cattitude? - a pastel blue creme. 3 coats

Ogre-the-Top Blue - bright teal blue creme. 2 coats

Rumple's Wiggin' - lavender creme. 3 coats

Funky Dunkey - dark purple creme. 2 coats

And here's my favorite part of Shrek of all times.


I love that face xD

The application for these were smooth. Majority only needed 2 coats, only Fiercely Fiona really needed 3 coats for full coverage. The rest were pretty opaque.

That is all for today!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

BB Couture Hands of Hope

Greetings! Today I have the BB Couture Hands of Hope Collection which 25% all sales were for the Red Cross for Haitian relief. It's no longer available and I know I'm very late on these swatches, but I thought I post them up since did something great with these.

Tortuga Island - lime green shimmer. 3 coats

Paradise - beige creme with hints of shimmer. 3 coats

Labadie Beach - bright pink shimmer. 3 coats

Keyona Beach - minty blue creme. 3 coats

Cap-Haitian - lavender creme. 3 coats

Bassins Bleu - mint turquoise creme. 3 coats

Bassins Bleu 2 - sky blue creme. 3 coats

Bassins Bleu 2 was a limited edition when you purchase the Hands of Hope Collection.

This collection consists of very pretty colors, but not really unique so if you missed out on this collection it's ok. BB Couture is one of my favorite nail polishes, in which I do not mind emptying out my wallet for. Their application is great and that's most important to me.

So that is all I have for today, I hope everyone have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Illamasqua Pastel Collection

Hey guys! Thanks for all the kind words regarding my last post :)

Today I have for you Illamasqua's Pastel Collection. I ordered these right when it first came out on the Illamasqua website, little did I know that they will be available at Sephora lol It's ok though!

I love pastels, and I love Illamasqua nail polishes. Combined will probably be amazing. Am I right? Well let's go on with the swatches.

Wink - lavender creme. 2 coats

Nudge - turquoise pastele. 2 coats. Sephora website described this as a mint green. It's not a mint green.

Caress - baby blue pastel creme. 2 coats

Blow - yellow pastel creme. 2 coats.

This is my second time trying Illamasqua nail polishes, and I must say they never fail me. I was a little iffy because pastel's always comes across streaky or thick. They were a little on the thick side but fine enough to work with. They all applied evenly and full coverage under two coats. Blow and Wink were my top favorites, although the others are great colors too.

I ended up ordering even more Illamasqua polishes including: Elope, Force, Smash, Jo'mina, Prism, Fern, Hectic, and Phallic. Hopefully I'll be swatching those soon.

That's all for today :)