Sunday, February 13, 2011

OPI Katy Perry Collection

Today, I finally have OPI Katy Perry Collection to share. This collection is out of stock every where so I decided to just order it at There was something about this collection that I was dying to have.

This collection consists of four colors, two shimmers and two glitters. And also with a black shatter polish. The promo says the black shatter suppose to shatter into leopard like prints but I've yet to experience that. But I still like the way it shatters.

On with the swatches:

The One that Got Away is a deep berry shimmer. There's probably many similar shades of this color but I love it! Shimmers does weird things to my camera. I can never focus it to get a clear picture -_-

Black Shatter over The One That Got Away

Teenage Dream is a sheerish pink glitter with bigger holo glitters. Very pretty and I love it. This was three coats.

Black Shatter over Teenage Dream

Not Like the Movies is a silver purple with slight green duochrome. It also has little flecks of black but you can barely see it.

Black Shatter over Not Like the Movies

Last Friday Night is a sheer blue glitter. This was under three coats and I kinda like the look of this. The blue glitter shows up a lot.

Black Shatter over Last Friday Night

The formula on these were pretty good. The glitters were thick but I kinda expected that since they're on a semi jelly base. I still didn't have any problems though. I think Black Shatter is a great product that I would probably stock up on (nothing crazy, just probably two extra). It is extremely fun to play with and it never shatters the same each time I use it.

I can't choose a favorite because I loved all four of them. Not Like the Movies is a gorgeous color. The glitters are so cute that I could wear alone.

Does anyone else love this collection as much as I did?

That's all I have for today. Don't forget to enter for my Apothica $25 gift card giveaway, which ends next week Feb. 21st.


  1. Ok so just a little heads up this might be kind of long but I just had to tell you how much I lovee your blog! I don't even have a blogspot but all the same I some how stumbled on to your site a year ago and always find my self checking out your swatches & reviews. As of lately I had been checking your site daily to see if you had put up this review and finally today I see you did after all purchase O.P.I.'s Katy Perry Collection! I knew you would and I'm so glad you did because I definitely wanted to hear your thoughts on it. I was able to pick up my personal favorite swatches Teenage dream and Not like the movies at my local Ulta (I immensely lovee them! They're both gorgeouss) but sadly missed two oppurtunites to pick up the black shatter since they kept misinforming of which day they were going to put it on their floor
    -__-. I even tried to order the Serena glam slam collection that comes with the black shatter at but even though it said it was available it ended up selling out so they cancelled my order until further notice but I'm going to go ahead and check out to see if I can finally get this black shatter! and yeaa I wouldn't mind doubling up on it as well :). I also wanted to ask have you seen the white and silver shatter's? I would lovee to see how those look on as well. But yeaa just to end my little rant here I just wanted to say thank you for all your great reviews. You have great taste in polishes and I can definitely say you've influenced my lovee for nails and polish even more as of lately. Shopping for nail polish has become one of my guilty pleasures. Next to shoes, jewelry and makeup too of course ;).

  2. MiamiMiami - You have no idea how much you just made me smile!! :D It feels good to hear that someone enjoys my blog. And I appreciate every reader that I have. This collection is probably going to be my favorite collection of all time. Black Shatter is something that every polish lover should own. I haven't seen the white or silver shatters yet but if you're talking about China Glaze's Crackle collection then be sure to check back soon, I've ordered them today and they should be in my hands next week. Thank you so much for reading my blog and your comment <3

  3. Aww your so welcomee! =) I definitely agree one of the best if not the best opi collection and thanks so much for the heads up on getting the black shatter at I ordered two ;) I just had to lol. But yea after reading your message I looked up the china glaze ones it's cool to see they're also selling they're own version I would love to see a comparison of which one works best. So I'll definitely stay tuned for that but yeaa they're is a white and silver shatter from opi but they had sold out on along with the china glazes. O yeaa and also quick question do you know where I could find any sally hansen holo's? or just any really nice holo's online for a decent price? & which online sites do you usually pick up your polishes from if you don't mind me asking.

  4. Miami Mami - I usually order from but their shipping price is ridiculous so sometimes I rely on or . They have a good range of China Glaze, Color Club, and Essie polishes. transdesign is good because they carry OPI polishes but they always scratch off the serial number. I just heard about the silver shatter for their summer collection but I have yet to hear about the white shatter. I'm not sure where you can find Sally Hansen holo's, my best bet is probably eBay because they're a bit old and hard to find. Nfu-oh polishes make good holos, and I usually order from They're a little pricey though. But in my opinion totally worth it. I hope this helps!