Saturday, February 5, 2011

Three Zoya Swatches

A few weeks ago Zoya had a promo to get three free nail polishes and you only have to pay for their shipping. This promo was for Zoya reaching 20,000 fans on facebook. Even though I have a lot of Zoya polishes I still took advantage of this. I mean it was free! My three choices were all sheer jelly-like polishes; Miley, Lulu, and Jane.

As some of you may know, I love jelly base polishes. I love the way it looks on nails.

Miley is a sheer lavender jelly like creme. This took 4 coats to reach bottle color, but that's expected for most jellies

Lulu is a sheer light peach jelly base. This one also took four coats to reach bottle color.

Jane is a sheer nude, very slim jelly-like base. This was three coats. I bought this for french mani's

I love Zoya polishes and they never give me problems, I was pretty satisfied with all three that I picked :)

Did you take advantage of the three free polishes? What were your three choices?


  1. Marley is really pretty !
    Too bad I live in Europe, the offer wasn't available for me :)

  2. i think Zoya wears better on me than any other polish

  3. isn't Marley from intimates? check if its name isn't Miley, its one of the rare Zoyas I own and looks like your first photo :)

  4. splattergirl - you're correct, it's Miley. I named it miley but don't know why I put Marley haha. Thanks for the correction!

  5. OMG! I absolutely love all 3 shades! So simple, unique and glamerous! :D