Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OPI Femme de Cirque Soft Shades Collection

Today I have OPI's Femme de Cirque Collection for their Soft Shades release. I am happy to be taking a break from all the colorful nails I've been swatching and to see neutral shades. These are for their Soft Shades so they are known to be very sheer and delicate looking.

Take a look:

In the Spot-Light-Pink is a sheer pink. This was done in 3 coats. I love how it seems like a french manicure, if only my nail tips were whiter, I think this would look perfect. I love how it seems like my nails have this pink glow.

Step Right Up! is a white-ish pink, almost white. 3 coats. Visible nail lines but that's fine. Surprisingly this one wasn't streaky.

So Many Clowns, So Little Time is a creamy nude pink. 3 coats. This also makes a good french manicure base, and looks lovely on its own.

I Juggle...Men over black is a iridescent shimmer top coat. I did it over black just so the shimmer can show. The purple, blue, and pink shimmer just pops. (please click on the picture to view larger image) It's a top coat, and I wasn't brave enough to bare my nails to you guys just yet lol but I do wonder, why the name? Haha

So I liked this collection because it's a change from all the Spring collections I've been swatching (still more to come) I actually do enjoy neutral shades since it's work appropriate (even though my boss doesn't care if my nails are the colors of rainbow)

The formula for these were good. No complaints for them. My favorites happens to be In the Spot Light Pink, and I Juggle...Men. What are your inputs on this collection? Yay or Nay?

(These were sent to me for review)


  1. Your 2 picks, were the two I picked up today! Yay! I agree with you about In the Spot Light Pink; I painted my nails with it today and its like a 'faux french' effect.

  2. ON your nails, they all look awesome!

  3. I love this collection! As you said, sometimes it's great to take a break from bold, flashy colors! ;D