Sunday, June 26, 2011

Essie French Affair for Spring 2011

Yes I know it's Summer and I'm still doing reviews on Spring collections. It's been a super busy week for me. Work is tiring and stressful as usual. Still daydreaming about the day I will quit that shit hole. But anyways, today I have Essie's French Affair for Spring 2011 collection to show you. Before I show the swatches, I want to say I loved this whole collection. All the colors matches Spring really well (but always wearable in Summer =P)

Sand Tropez is a dark beige nude creme. 2 coats

Coat Azure is a soft dusty blue with subtle silver shimmer. 2 coats. This one looked amazing.

Nice is Nice is a pastel lavender creme. 2 coats. I think this is the best lavender creme ever. First, it wasn't streaky and had full coverage under 2 coats. And second is a unique lavender creme. Not the plain boring ones but the color in this one is very vivid.

French Affair is a pink creme with a bit of lavender in it. 2 coats. I also loved this pink because it's different from other pink cremes.

Topless & Barefoot is a light beige nude creme. 3 coats. This was the only one I had problem with. For some reason it was a bit thick. Maybe it's just my bottle. 2 coats was good for coverage, but it was uneven so I had to add another coat just to even it out. I still like the color though!

Kisses & Bises is a sheer ivory pearl with flashes of pink. 4 coats. I think this was meant for more of a top coat over other colors. However, I was lazy to do it over any of them =x I'm sure it will look amazing over other colors.

The formula for these were pretty good. They were fully opaque and needed only 2 coats. I've always loved Essie products, but hate having to spend $8 each for them. I want to say they're worth it but I don't know. I've been a fan of Essie polishes since I was little. Essie was one of the first nail polish brand I bought and own. I wish I remember the name of it but I can't haha

Well that's all I have for today!


  1. OOhh I've seen french affair several times but I never get tired of looking at how pretty it is =)

  2. French Affair is such a great pink, it's one of the few non-nail art manicures that I've worn and been complimented by complete strangers on.

  3. I buy the mini sets from essie to offset the high cost of paying for each bottle and then get full sizes in the ones that I really like. I got sand tropez in full size because it was my fav.

  4. Coat Azure is still on my wl, I think it's the most beautiful colour of this collection :)