Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Loreal Yellow Seahorse

Today I have Loreal's Yellow Seahorse to share. I believe this is from their summer collection. I was browsing around Walgreens the other day and saw this polish sitting alone in the detergent section and decided to grab it and try it. Yellow polishes seems to be pretty popular this summer.

Yellow Seahorse is a yellow base with hints of gold and pink shimmer. 3 coats. It was a little sheer.

I wasn't really happy about the formula, I felt it was a little too thick to apply, especially since it needed three coats. It took quite awhile for it to dry since it was so thick, hence I smudged my ring finger a little. I didn't really like the yellow for this one. It's a bit too golden. It didn't really suit my skin tone as well. I did however like the subtle gold and pink shimmers on it. I don't know if these are still around in other drug stores but this was the only one I found. I even forgot the price for it -_-

Well this is all I have for today!


  1. I like it but it looks really neon, was it that bright in person?

  2. Pretty! I'm trying to get more into yellows but they tend to wash me out too much!

  3. Hmm this is in interesting yellow. It's isn't really that pretty but it does look good on you .

  4. I got this one because I liked the complexity of the color. It was globby, what's up with that?