Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sephora by OPI Safari Luxe Collection 2011

So I promised a new post today, so a new post you will get! I took off work today.. (will rant about work later) But it's almost 100 degrees here in New York and I'm totally hitting up the beach after this!

So today I have Sephora by OPI Safari Luxe collection to share with you guys. I bought the mini set just as an attempt to save some money, and the other two that was not included in the mini set. Take a look!

A Color that Can't Be Tamed is a semi-metallic green with very dim specks of holo glitter. 3 coats. You can BARELY see the holo glitters unless you look really closely in person.

Wild About Shimmer is a sheer champagne with flecks of gold glitter. 4 coats. This color is absolutely gorgeous. Even though it was sheer, it looked nice after four coats. Still visible nail line but that's OK with me.

The following four is included in the mini set.

I Don't Bite is a dark royal purple with very tiny flecks of holo glitter. 3 coats. Again you don't see the holo glitters unless you put your eye all up in the nail. My picture made it appear more blue than purple. Camera's are tricky.

Yes, Your Lioness is a coral orange shimmer. 3 coats. This one surprised me! I thought it was going to a be a boring bright retina burning orange, but it's not. It leans toward a softer shade of orange with tiny specks. Perfect for summer.

Caught With My Khakis Down is a greyish murky green creme. 2 coats. I think this would be my favorite one! It is unique. And I love murky greens!

Don't Feed the Hand Models is a pink beige creme. 3 coats. In my picture it appears to be just a plain nude beige, but it's not, there's some pink hues in it which makes it kinda cute?

The formula for these were decent. They're a bit sheer which did require 3 coats for full coverage, except for Caught with my Khaki's Down. The formula was perfect in every way. I have no complaints. Colors were good, I just wish the ones with the holo glitter would actually show up on the nails and be visible to the naked eye.

These are available at Sephora stores and Regular sized bottles retail for $9.50 and the mini set retails for $18.

That is all I have for today, time to beach it up!


  1. I've really enjoyed these swatches. That "wild about shimmer" is really pretty on you!!!!

  2. They are also beautiful . They also fit your skin tone well .

  3. Ugh it is so hot and gross in NY right now! I hate it! I want to melt the second I go outside! Loving these colors though, may need to pick up the minis!

  4. It felt like a sauna :( I have Wild About Shimmer and I loooove it :)

  5. I really like the cremes in this collection. Wild about Shimmer looks a lot like ChG White Cap are they similar?

  6. Thanks for the swatches! I keep eyeing the mini set, but then I think, "I may need a full bottle of Khakis..!"

  7. I like Yes, Your Lioness a lot! Very pretty!