Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Essie Wedding Collection 2011

I am sticking my goal to having a post every day for this whole week, and so far I'm doing good. I'm tired of having all these backed up photos waiting to be posted. And then I get so far behind that I post summer swatches when Fall comes. That happened to me last year and I refuse to do that again!

So anyways, today I have the Essie Wedding collection to share. It consists of four polishes, 2 sheers, and 2 cremes.

First Dance is a gorgeous red creme. 2 coats

Better Together is a sheer light pink creme. 3 coats

Made to Honor is a sheer nude-ish pink jelly. 3 coats

Borrowed & Blue is a very light baby blue creme. 3 coats

I'm not a huge fan of red polishes, but it has slowly grown on me. As for First Dance, I actually really like the way it looks on my skin tone. I can't really choose a favorite because I really like Borrowed & Blue as well. So I feel it's a tie between them. As for the sheers, I don't really have a problem with them. I just feel they're a little too plain for my taste. But since I got a new job now, and for this job, it is very important on the way we present ourselves, therefore I can't really do all these crazy colors anymore. But it's OK, I'll wear the crazy colors on my days off :)

The formula for these were great. They didn't give any streaking problems at all. Applied very evenly with no fuss. That's what I like about Essie polishes. They never tend to be streaky at all. I tend to buy all Essie collections, even when I don't like the color that much. I think I should stop on that, being that I am on a budget -_-

Well that's all I have for today!


  1. First Dance and Borrowed and Blue are two of my "go to" polishes now! Love them both!