Monday, August 15, 2011

Some New Sally Hansens

Good morning! Today is all about Sally Hansen. I got these about a month or two ago but never got to try them. I got four from the Complete Salon Manicure, and one from Hard As Nails. Let's have a look!

Camelia is a sheer pink jelly. 4 coats. As you can see it is quite sheer, being that I applied four coats and there's still visible nail lines.

Barracuda is a pastel baby blue creme. 2 coats. Funny story about this one. I looked all over for this one but every drug store I went to seems to ran out of it. My friend went on vacation to Florida, and went into a Walgreens for some products and she found it for me. So this bottle came all the way from Florida to New York!

Strike a Pose is a sheer pearl iridescent shimmer with flashes of blue. 3 coats. I didn't get to experiment with this one yet, but I have a feeling it will look gorgeous for layering.

Eel Skin is a light gray creme. 2 coats

Ice Queen over Eel Skin. Ice Queen is a clear base with silver glitter and blue and pink hex glitters. I did one coat over Eel Skin. Maybe it would've looked better over a silver base instead of gray.

The formulas for these were flawless. I didn't have any issues with them at all. They applied evenly and smoothly with no streaks at all. Even though we have seen plenty of pastel baby blue cremes around, I actually really like Barracuda. It stands out.

Did any of you purchase the new Sally Hansens?


  1. I got Camelia, Barracuda, Strike a Pose, and Eel Skin! My nails really like the formula so I had been using their clear as a basecoat but it didn't self-level. Camelia self-levels so I am using it as a basecoat. Strike a Pose doesn't look pink on me as it does on you, it looks rather ghostly on my nails. It does look interesting over white. I love all these colors.