Friday, September 9, 2011

Crayola Scented Nail Polish

I bought the Crayola Scented polishes awhile back from Rite Aid for $4.99. I still see it available in certain Rite Aids. The reason I bought these were because, well I never tried scented polishes before (even when I was a child), and I couldn't get my eyes off it for some reason.

Bubble Gum is a bright pink shimmer. This was done in 3 coats, it was quite sheer and watery. But it did smell like bubble gum though!

Orange is a vibrant golden orange shimmer. 3 coats. Orange was my favorite of the whole set! I just love the golden yellow glow in it. And yes also smells like orange!

Green Apple is a bright green shimmer. 3 coats. Sure does smell like green apples. This one had the best scent compared to the rest.

Blueberry is a bright navy blue shimmer. 3 coats. This color is quite vibrant, and does indeed smell like blueberry.

Grape is a purple shimmer. 3 coats. This one was also sheer and watery. Smells like grape too!

Overall, these are cute and fun to play with. You're not suppose to put a top coat over these so the scent would stay on. I didn't have these on for longer than a day so I do not know about the wear for these. They sure smell delicious though! Dry time was decent, but I'm too used to putting seche top coat on polishes and not having to worry about more than 10 minutes dry time on polishes. My favorite one is Orange and Green Apple. Both colors are so vibrant and green apple just smells amazing! For $4.99 these were decent priced. They are tiny bottles though so if you're not a fan of minis you might not like these.

Did any of you purchase this set? If so what was your favorite?


  1. I don't know that I'd be able to handle my fingers smelling like anything - I have a hard time wearing scented lip gloss! LOL The colors, however, are great!!

  2. funny! I've never tried scented polishes either...

  3. i love these when i bought them i wore them right away !

  4. I got it! The purple ones' label said blueberry ☺

  5. I bought and they are fantastic. Only drawback is the bottle isn't durable. I dropped the bubblegum scented one it spilled and the glass broke in the cover now it can not close. I have to tape the cover to the bottle.

  6. OMG I tried these and just love them! Especially the blueberry the smell is addicting (in a good way lol)! Color is beautiful too! I only needed 2 coats for it to look that good :) The orange is also great! But problem is, i can't find them anywhere anymore! ive been to so many rite aids and they are nowhere! And on Ebay they are 15 bucks :( Oh well ill keep searching cuz they are worth it!

  7. You can get these polishes form walmart.