Monday, September 12, 2011

Glitter Gal Swatches and Review

Today I have some holos to share with you! A brand from Australia called Glitter Gal. Glitter Gal have plenty of holos but I was only able to afford five (since I am on a budget). The four I chose was a blue, black, and their three newest holos. I have provided two pictures, first will be pictures under fluorescent light and the second picture will be under direct sunlight. Let's take a look at the swatches!

Marine Blue is a vibrant marine blue holo. 2 coats. First picture taken under fluorescent light, and second picture taken under sunlight.

Lizard Belly is a dark green holo. 2 coats. To all fellow nail fanatics who always wished to have a dark green holo, your wish has came true! This is really gorgeous.

Light As A Feather is a white holo! 3 coats. Well its more of a light gray. But this one is absolutely stunning.

Black is a black holo. 2 coats.

Frappe is a light pink holo. 3 coats. I love how this one came out. It's so princess-y and pretty and girly lol.

Glitter Gal's US supplier is llarowe. You can either purchase it at her website on or you can look up llarowe on eBay. She is a very nice lady and communication is very well. Shipping was super fast as well. It is retail for $14.00 a bottle. Be warned; these bottles are small (0.3oz/9 ml). I was told that it costs a lot to make holo polishes, maybe that's why a lot of companies don't make holo polishes like they use to anymore.

The formulas for these were a little thick, but nothing too hard to work with. I had only slight issues with a few. Frappe and Marine Blue applied flawlessly, while the others I had thickness problems. I am satisfied with the five colors I chose. Once I'm off my budget I guess I will be buying more, since I'm a sucker for holos :)

Well that's all I have for today! What do you guys think of these holos? Worth it or no?


  1. They're all awesome!!
    They make such great colors!

  2. Thanks so much for the reviews! The all look wonderful on you!

  3. ZOMG! A white holo!!!!!!! *faints* *dies*

  4. OMG! I thought I was going to have a panic attack looking at these swatches! All of them are simply amazing!

  5. Light as a feather ia amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your swatches!!!


  6. The shipping for these are VERY reasonable. I live in Alaska and I usually get hammered for shipping. and GG has the absolute cheapest shipping for ANY nail polish I've ever ordered. This is true on their website. I've never ordered any from eBay.

  7. Leone, their shipping is definitely reasonable! By far cheapest I've ever experienced compare to paying $15 for other sites

  8. I've seen these on a few blogs, and I want some SO BAD. I particularly like Lizard Belly, Black, and White. They're really unusual colors.

  9. AWESOME looks! I am so giddy, just placed my first order w/llarowe for some holo goodness! I didn't get the pink, but did order the rest you did (plus um some more.)

    Lizard Belly is so gorgeous but I giggle every time I think of the name! I can't wait to sport my RW&B holos next 4th of July!!