Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nails Inc Special Effects Connaught Square

I was psyched when I found out that Sephora is starting to carry Nails Inc polishes. So far it's the glitters that attracted my eyes. Being that I am on a budget (still) I decided to only pick up one glitter. Those who are not familiar with Nails Inc, they are a London brand polish. I wish Sephora would carry all the colors they have including the adorable Little Miss polishes! Well let's take a look at the swatches.

Connaught Square is a clear base with tiny blue glitters and purple large hexagonal glitters. This polish took 3 coats for full coverage. It also required two coats of top coats because the glitters are so dense it tends to eat up the top coat. It also dried really dull so top coat is definitely needed.

In this picture you can see the purple hex glitters more closely and better than the first picture.

I waited a few minutes between each coat to avoid 'balding' of the glitters since its in a clear base. Two coats was good enough, but three coats guaranteed full coverage on the nails. This was real tough to remove. After attempting to try to remove my pinky for 5 minutes with no luck, I gave up and just did the foil method. The polish didn't chip after two days, but there was definitely tip wear.

This is available at and retails for $9.50 a bottle.

What do you think of Connaught Square? Will you be purchasing any Nails Inc polishes?


  1. Lovely swatch, what annoys me is that Nails Inc works out at £6.18 if I were to buy this in US, however I'm from the UK at it costs £11 so it's more expensive and it's a British Brand!! Not happy with Nails Inc about this and have told them so! But great post by you, thanks!!

  2. Wow that´s amazing shade :)

    And wow how cheap Nails Inc polishes are! I Live in Finland, they don´t sell Nails Inc here and I buy my polishes from UK. And the price? About 15 dollars plus postage :/ I always thought that cause this is an UK brand the prices would be cheapest in UK too...
    I guess I have to start begging Sephora to start shipping their good to Finland :)

  3. This polish is just awesome!!!
    I love it!

  4. @Jazzqueen64, I totally agree with you! I love Nails Inc polishes - they were what got me so obsessed! But the price is a bit steep here in the UK!

  5. Wow! I absolutely love this glitter! It's not every day we see a blue glitter like this one :)

  6. So sparkly! I can see why you picked this one!