Friday, September 23, 2011

Nfu-Oh Holos 61-66

Today I have more holos to share with you guys! I can't get enough of holos, I have too much love towards them. I have the brand Nfu-Oh holos swatches done. Let's take a look!

61 is a silver holo. 3 coats. First picture under fluorescent light, and second picture under direct sunlight. I didn't order this back then because I thought China Glaze OMG was good enough. But when I saw pictures of it I thought it was a stunning silver holo, so when it is finally in stock again I went right ahead and ordered it (along with 62-65) I was extremely disappointed with it because it didn't shine as well as the swatches I've seen. In the bottle all I saw was a dull plain silver polish. I used their Aqua Base as a base coat. The holo only showed in sunlight and under fluorescent lights. Without light all you see is silver.

62 is a light coral holo. 2 coats. This one showed a little more holo than 61 did.

63 is a pink holo. 2 coats.

64 is a dark pink close to purple holo. I know in my picture it looks really similar to 63. But in person there's a difference. 63 is lighter than 64.

65 is a light blue holo. 3 coats.

66 is a light green holo. 2 coats. I bought this two years ago. As you can see, there is a HUGE difference between this one the new ones I bought recently. Can you see the amazing holo glow in this one compared to the others? Now this is what I call a true holo. Which is why I was super disappointed that I spent so much on 61-65. No holos are like how they used to be now.

Like I mentioned, I was disappointed because they weren't as holo as I thought they would be, or at least compared to the swatches I've seen. But at least I'm glad I have 66. The formula for these were decent. They tend to streak if you don't use any type of water based base coats. I use their Aqua Base base coats for all of them. Although using the Aqua Base makes the polish chips faster. I don't know why that's the case but these usually didn't even last a day without chipping.

These are available at and retails for $12.50 a bottle.

As much as I love holos, I wasn't just that happy with this. Maybe if I bought all of them 2 years ago I would've loved these as much as I loved 66. Oh well! I just wish they made polishes like they did back then (including all brands).


  1. I've heard rumours that the newer Nfu Ohs are just not as holo as the older ones? I don't know if it's true or not but what you're showing certainly seems like it. They are pretty though. I can understand your disappointment!

  2. It's sad that the newer ones do not glow like the older ones!


  3. I jumped on my bottle of NfuOh 61 a few weeks back and totally forgot about your tweets... My bottle is pure silver in the shade also... :( I still love it, and it is much more foil/metallic than CG Sexagon that I own. I totally see the formula difference thanks to your post today ...

  4. 66 is so awesome! Your nails are looking good!