Friday, October 28, 2011

China Glaze Haunting Collection

We are only a few days away from Halloween, do you know what your Halloween mani is going to be? I'm debating on a few things right now. Don't know if I'm gonna go with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish strips or do some nail art. But in case you don't know what to wear, China Glaze came out with a collection called the Haunting Collection for Halloween!

It's Alive is an olive green glitter with a brownish olive green base. This took 3 coats for full coverage. This color just screams Halloween! It just reminds me of Zombies and anything that's decaying or coming from the graveyard.

Here is Black Crackle over It's Alive. I put Ghoulish Glow over It's Alive before applying the black crackle. I forgot to take a picture of that, but it gives it a milky sort of finish. However, the nails did not glow in the dark like the bottle did, that was a little disappointing. But this combo looks good together.

Haunting is a black creme base packed with silver specks. 2 coats. This is GORGEOUS. Sure we've seen a lot of black base with silver specks, glitters whatsoever. But there's something about this one. Maybe it's the dense glitters that makes it seem like the galaxy, I don't know. This was my favorite from the whole collection.

Near Dark is a dark green creme with a semi-jelly finish. I only did it in two coats, it didn't seem that sheer while applying, but with lighting and taking pictures, I realized it was actually quite sheer! Oops? This color is perfect for fall and great for Halloween!

Crimson is a vampy dark purple creme. 2 coats. I'm usually not a huge fan of the near black colors but some reason I really liked this one. I haven't wore dark colors for such a long time that it felt different and maybe that's why I liked it.

Overall, I like this collection. It's perfect for the Fall, and perfect for Halloween. The formula for these were excellent. I had no problems with it. It all applied smoothly. I only wished that Ghoulish Glow would actually glow in the dark on the nails, because that would've been pretty cool!

These are available at most e-tailers at various prices.

What do you think about this collection?


  1. For some reason the Sally's I went to had the display, but with an orange polish in the place of where " it's alive" was supposed to be :(

  2. I only picked up Ghoulish Glow, but all the colors is this collection are great!

  3. They are great !
    I love the crackle over It's alive, black crackle suits almost everything but it's especially pretty on this one ^^
    Haunting & Crimson are amazing, too :)

  4. I love the crackle over it's alive ! I still have yet to purchase a crackle polish -procrastinator- it makes most polishes I consider bleh to awesome ! Haunting is really pretty too <3