Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nails Inc Electronic Lane Holographic Top Coat

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Today I have Nails Inc.'s special effects in Electronic Lane; which is a holographic top coat. This is my second purchase from nails inc. and I don't think it is stopping there!

When I saw this bottle at Sephora, something about the holo attracted me and I couldn't put the bottle down, so I ended up buying it. It's a clear base with holo glitters. I tried it under two colors, one under a charcoal black, and another under a sky blue. Take a look!

Electronic Lane under charcoal black. This was one coat of Electronic Lane. See how amazing the holo is? It was a bit hard to capture it on camera, even with flash. This was the best picture out of the 20 I've taken.

Electronic Lane over sky blue creme. This is again one coat. I love how angelic this looks.

I usually don't buy top coats like this because I'm too lazy to do layering. But this was too gorgeous to put down. This retails for $10 and is available at Sephora.

Did any of you purchase this top coat? If not, will any of you be getting it?


  1. I've never heard about this product before! It seems gorgeous! I have China Glaze Wireless Top Coats and it's amazing over dark colors.
    In general, I don't own any products by Nails Inc. because it isn't available in Italy, you have to order it on Uk etailers and it's sooo expensive. :D

  2. It is a very nice layer nail polish! I wonder why Sephoras in Portugal don't sell those! :(

  3. I love it over baby blue because it makes it even softer