Saturday, October 29, 2011

OPI Gold Shatter Swatch and Review

Today I have OPI's Gold Shatter to share with you guys. For those who have been following me on twitter and/or been reading my blog knows that I have been trying to find the perfect gold shatter. I've tried all the brands out there that made a gold shatter/crackle polish and none satisfied my need. Until OPI Gold Shatter came out! Before buying the gold shatter, I had a few doubts, thinking it's going to be suck-y like the rest of the gold shatters/crackles. But to my surprise, I have finally found the perfect gold shatter!

Gold Shatter over dark green. It's pure gold shatter, it doesn't look silver and it shatters gorgeously. I love the gold shimmer over the dark green, and I'm sure it will look great over other colors as well.

The formula is like their original Shatter polishes. A bit thick, but nothing too hard to work with. I applied a semi-thin coat over the dried nail polish and felt that the polish shattered evenly around the nails.

Does anyone else like Gold Shatter as much as I do?


  1. I don't have this gold but have the Sally Hansen one. I think yours is way better. Love your swatch and your nails. :)

  2. Good for you! I have the China Glaze one, and it will be enough for me

  3. I really like it on you, very pretty!

  4. I like it because it is shimmery

  5. My bottle of Gold Shatter sucked balls.