Monday, October 31, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Hot Wired

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone have a fun and spooky, but most importantly safe Halloween! I decided to use the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips as my Halloween mani instead of doing more nail art (honestly I just ran out of ideas). This is my second time using these strips and was more successful at them then last time.

They came out with many Halloween designs, but I was mostly attracted to Hot Wired. Maybe it's the green, I don't know!

I think it looks pretty neat. The application took me only 20 minutes for both hands. Which I feel is pretty quick. Didn't really have any troubles either.

Only problem I have this time is finding the pieces to fit right. My nails are kind of skinny so it was a little tough. The pinky one was too small, but the next smallest size was too big so I just stayed with the smaller one.

It's not that visible so I think it's OK!

Here's slight bubbling at the bottom of my thumb. But I don't think it's the strip problem, I think there's slight bumps on my thumb from when I had glitters on and I peeled it off from boredom =X very bad habit of mine.

Overall, I'm happy with this. I've only had this on since last night so I'm not sure about how long it'll lasts. I wish there was a konad stamp of this, because this design is pretty awesome! Looking forward to looking at other people's Halloween manis!

Enjoy your Halloween, and eat lots of candies!


  1. Oh wow ! I thought it was a crackle polish !

  2. Yay for nail effects! This design looks great on your nails. I also decided to use these strips for my Halloween mani. I chose Spun for you.

  3. Awesome! You applied it perfectly, it just looks like nailpolish!

  4. Those look great on you! Even with the close up pictures they look good-fantastic application!