Friday, November 11, 2011

Blast from the Past: China Glaze OMG Collection

Today is 11/11/11 and being the dork that I am, I scheduled this post to be posted at 11:11. :D And being that this date is so special, I decided to do a post on one of my favorite collections of all times. And that is the infamous China Glaze OMG Collection. These are my prize possessions. When I started to REALLY get into nail polish, I would buy polishes separately and never a whole collection. But the beauty of the OMG Collection caught my eyes and I gave in. (Not to mention these are the first holo polishes I've ever owned) I am super glad I got the entire collection, as it is extremely hard to find now without paying sky rocket prices on eBay. I never show swatches or did a review on this collection because I didn't start blogging yet. Well here they are now! I've included two pictures for this. First under fluorescent lights, and another in flash. The flash shows the holo real well.

QT is a raspberry pink holo. 2 coats

QT with flash

BFF pink purple holo. 3 coats

BFF with flash

TMI is a red holo. 2 coats

TMI with flash

TTYL is a peach pink holo. 3 coats

TTYL with flash

FYI is a beige holo. 3 coats

FYI with flash

GR8 is a golden yellow holo. 3 coats

GR8 with flash

2NITE is a periwinkle blue holo. 3 coats (favorite)

2NITE with flash

L8R G8R is a lime green holo. 3 coats

L8R G8R with flash

DV8 is a vivid blue-green holo. 2 coats

DV8 with flash

IDK is a light purple holo. 3 coats

IDK with flash

OMG is a silver holo. 3 coats

OMG with flash

LOL is a royal purple holo. 2 coats (2nd favorite)

LOL with flash

I have two top favorites, and that's 2NITE and LOL, But I love the rest all equally! So you can see why everyone is all hyped about this collection. The holo is just gorgeous. They don't make it like this anymore... And I wish they did. It just hurts me that polishes are as pretty as they used to be.

However, as much as I love holo polishes, they chip very easily. I actually wore these for a manicure, hence you can see that in some posts my nails are long and some are short. I got a lot of attention and compliments for these polishes. People said they never see polishes like that, and I'm like, well they don't make holo polishes like this anymore! Majority of these didn't really last a day. I wash my hands a lot so maybe that's the cause of it chipping easily. The aqua base only helps for application.

Well, that's all I have for today. I hope you guys enjoy this eye candy.

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  1. Wow, these are all gorgeous! My fave is TMI. I wish they would re-promote these- I need some!!

  2. So gorgeous!!
    I love them all!
    so cool!

  3. I'm majorly jealous! You lucky girl!

  4. OMG is my favorite. I wish I could find it for cheap!

  5. I really wish they would sell those again... they are just soooo awesome!

  6. I love these, I don't own any of this collection and you are definitely making me drool for these! Great swatches!

  7. OMG indeed, wish these were more readily available, they are the best!!