Monday, April 9, 2012

Butter London Knackered

Today I have Butter London's Knackered to share with you guys. This is my first time doing a swatch and review for Butter London. I've been seeing the polishes around but never decided to try it, but as I was browsing Macy's one day, I found them, and decided to give it a try.

I did Knackered over Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas. It was too sheer on its own and I didn't feel like applying 4-5 coats.

Knackered is a sheer duochrome mixed with green, purple, and holo glitter. This is done with two coats over Mismas.

Blurred picture to show the holo glitters

Angled few to show some duochrome

Another view

Here's the flashes of green, with the base color still showing.

I love how that the base color still shows. My pictures does this polish no justice. It is gorgeous!! I'm so happy that I got it. What makes this interesting also is the holo glitters. It's still pretty alone but with purple underneath it brings out the duochrome. I should've took a picture of it alone, but I was in a rush to put it over another color. The formula was pretty good. It was smooth and I had no problems. Butter London polishes usually retails for $14 per bottle. Pretty decent price.

Well that's all I have for today. What do you guys think of Knackered?

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  1. I like how it came out over your base polish. I'd love to see how it looks alone. Are you going to try different bases, to see how else Knackered looks?

    Thanks for sharing. I've been eying Trout Pout from Butter London, and I think that'll be my first BL purchase.