Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect Polishes

Hey everyone! Today is a very special day!! It is my 25th birthday today! So since I'm a huge lover for holo polishes, I decided to do my review on Layla's Hologram polishes! I was super excited to get these because they are true holo polishes. I ordered these from for $15.50 a bottle. It's a bit pricey but totally worth it, in which you will see. There are sometimes coupons for as well so you should google some coupons before buying. I took these under fluorescent light and under direct sunlight.

Mercury Twilight is a silver holo.3 coats. SOOO beautiful!! 

Coral Glam is a peachy coral holo. 3 coats. Seriously... look at that holo...

Retro Pink is a light pink holo. 3 coats.

Ultra Violet is a purple holo. 3 coats. Probably my favorite of the bunch! 

Jade Grove is a light green holo. 3 coats. A little similar to Nfu-Oh's 66.

Mermaid Spell is a light blue holo. 3 coats.

Ocean Rush is an ocean blue holo. 3 coats.

Flash Black is a black holo. 3 coats. OK I know I said Ultra Violet was my favorite, but actually this one is my favorite. It's a black holo but the holo effect is insane on this one.

The formula for these were pretty good. I did test out different base coats for them and noticed there's a slight difference during application. When put over Nfu-Oh's aqua base coat, they applied very well without any 'balding', whereas when I used my regular OPI base coat, there were some balding even when the base coat was completely dry. So for easier application, it's best to use a water base base coat.

I didn't care how much these costs me, because they were so well worth the money. It is RARE for us to see TRUE holos nowadays, that's why I am super happy to own these!

What do you guys think of these?!


  1. gorgeousss, flash black looks amazing ! Happy birthday : )

  2. Love them all! I have a thing for killer holos. Happy Birthday!

  3. The purple and blue, just love them!!

  4. Bom dia amore vim desejar
    ઇઉ ótimo domingão e
    ótima semana ✿◠‿◠✿
    postei meu sapato da sexy
    e tbm adoraria sua opinião
    obrigada =)
    fique com Deus
    Bjinhoxx ✿◠‿◠)✿