Monday, May 21, 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Jewel Overcoat

Happy Monday everyone!! Today I have the new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Jewel Overcoats to share with you. Well I only bought two of the four. I was able to track these down at Rite Aid and Duane Reade when they came out. I know I'm very late on posting these :( I don't really remember the price I paid for these but it was somewhere between $5-$6.

White Veil is a white glitter with gold hex glitter in a clear base. Here I did 2 coats over OPI Do You 'Ear About Van Gogh? I find this one to be the most unique of the jewel overcoats. I wish the white glitters showed up as pure white instead of a light gray on this polish.

Multi-Faceted is a chunky black, silver, and holographic hex glitters. It was really hard deciding what color to do this over with, and I finally settled down with a baby blue as a base. Here was 2 coats. It was a little hard to have the glitters all spread out over the nails, that is why you see empty parts without glitter.

It's very rare to see black glitters, that's why I was really excited to get this one. It's the bigger version of my long wanted Nicole by OPI Pitch-Black Glimmer. Do I dare buy it from evilBay? I can't dish out $30 for it.

Anyways, I'm satisfied with both of these glitters, they didn't disappoint me!

What do you guys think of this?


  1. These are pretty glitters, but I really want White Veil. I've seen it a few times in stores and I'm always tempted to buy it.

  2. Very pretty glitters. I love the White Veil!

  3. They're both really nice and definitely unique in mainstream polish.