Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ozotic 528

Today I have Ozotic 528 to share with you guys. This is my first time trying Ozotic brand polishes. I was able to purchase it at I've actually had it for quite awhile, and it was in my untried bin. Decided to finally put it on!

 Ozotic 528 is a multi-chrome glitter of pink, aqua, green, purple in a clear base. I did it over black to show the glitters more. The colors of the glitter changes in different lighting and angles.

I think layering 528 over certain colors will bring out the multi-chrome even more. This glitter is gorgeous I must say. And the formula itself is not bad. It's a little thick but that's typical of glitters. One coat was good enough but I did two just for a more intense look of it.

This is available at for $14.50. Well worth the money.


  1. Ozotic polishes are really gorgeous and this one is jawdropping!!!
    Unfortunately I do live in Italy and it's really difficult to get them here :-(