Friday, August 10, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

Today I have Sally Hansen's Magnetic Nail color to share with you guys. Magnetic polishes has been a trend for this spring/summer and I was very excited when I heard Sally Hansen have magnetic polishes.

Electric Emerald is an olive green that shifts into a darker green.
Polar Purple is a mauve purple metallic.

Ionic Indigo is an indigo blue metallic

Red-y Response is a deep magenta metallic

Kinetic Copper is a copper metallic with microglitters

Graphite Gravity is a charcoal black/gray metallic

The formula for these were pretty nice, I applied one coat over each nail and another coat doing one finger at a time. The magnetic is pretty strong, I only held it over my nails for about 5 seconds or less and the magnetic design is visible on the nail already.

The only thing I wish for this collection to have is more magnetic designs! I have no complaints for this collection though. These are probably the best magnetic polishes I've tried so far.

They're available at most drugstores for about $8.99 per bottle.

(These were sent to me for review)

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  1. Ever notice that most of the magnetic colors are all really similar? There is something about adding in the magnetic mix to the polish that seems to limit/push most companies into these same hues. I do like this blue however - looking brighter than most I have seen. I like this design. I held off and only bought 2 magnetics thus far to try, play with. I might get this blue or the green one - however even liking the copper one here.