Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween you guys! I would like wish those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy is getting recovery and remain safe and sound. New York was hit with it, and there are a lot of floods, fallen trees, and power outages. I actually lost power for a bit, therefore my pictures were taken from my iPhone.

So hopefully, Hurricane Sandy didn't ruin Halloween for some of us. I know that it might have ruined it for kids in New York, it's not quite safe to walk out right now as there are loose wires out there.

I kept my manicure simple this year. Had time off because of the hurricane so I was able to do a proper nail art for it.

Mummified Nails!

Here's a picture of it glowing in the dark. Obviously it doesn't glow as much as the bottle, but it's still there. I got this idea from the China Glaze Facebook page.

I think it's pretty cute, and I liked the way it turned out. Have to make this post short. I hope you guys have a safe and fun Halloween!!


  1. I like your mummies! I think they're funny.
    hope everyone is safe around there.

  2. So cool! It's simple as you said but beautifully done!