Sunday, March 29, 2009


We're getting a lot of rain. It's almost April, where's the warm weather and sun seriously..

Today's post is with two of my favorite nail polish brands, and MAC (which is new to me)


Hot People Like You - This was a rushed mani. I was late for class and I just couldn't leave the house with naked nails. I really love this color. I'm not a big fan of hot neon pinks, but this one has a blue-tone to it. Looks a lot better in person though!

The Grass is Greener on My side - Woooo! I love this one. It's amazing. Green aqua shimmer. This color screams "LOOK AT ME NOW!!" This is the second time I wore this color. (For those who knows me, knows that I don't usually wear the same nail polish more than once)

ESSIE Summer 2009 Limited Edition Northfork Collection: "The bluer the better"

Essie definitely did it right this time. Blue

Greenport - This color was VERY similar to Misa's Dirty Sexy Money. But this is from ESSIE!! This color is amazing, I can't really explain the color. Please excuse my dry cuticles/fabric indents on the nails. Apparently I didn't wait long enough for these to dry before heading to bed...

Sag Harbor - Greyish blue color. This one is bee-yoo-tee-ful!! I love it and it's amazing.

The other color, shelter island, I didn't order because I have way too many baby blue nail polish and it looks quite similar to a lot of them.

M.A.C Sugarsweet Nail Polishes

Peppermint Patti - This is a must get. However it is SOLD OUT everywhere. Try your local MAC store to see if they still have it. I can't stop staring at these for a good whole day! These took me three coats with no problem at 2 coats, but I like my nails with 3 coats! I really love the minty green!

Seasonal Peach - I've applied this on Friday right when I got them. I am STILL wearing them now. I have never wore a nail polish for more than 2 days! Some reason I'm really loving this seasonal peach. Although it was a pain in the tush to apply, it was streak galore! But after 3 coats it was fine aside from a few smudges, where I was too lazy to reapply 3 coats again so I just applied a thick heavy coat on the smudge. You can see it on the pointer finger. This color REALLY pops out. I love it!

I promised a few people that I would not order nail polish till April. But hey there's only 2 days left in March so it doesn't really count! I've ordered the new China Glaze KICKS collection, Color Club Electro Candy collection, and a few other colors that I fell in love with. Can't wait to play with those!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Whole lot of Random

I just finished two of my hardest midterms after 2 days of studying. And I did terrible on both of them. My mood is in complete misery right now. Sigh..


Zoya's Yasmeen is a pretty purple. Another vampy color. I want more brights..


ORLY Midnight Star - a metallic purple. Which is also a duplicate of OPI's Peek-a-boo Purple. The very best Scrangie did a comparison for me. Click here for Scrangie's swatch.


OPI Queen of West Web-erly - I loved this color. It matches me and applied well in two coats.

OPI Pretty&Privileged - A red that actually doesn't make me look bloody scary. I like it

OPI Greenwich Village - This was my St. Patty's day mani. Loveee green!


Misa Sweet Pleasure - sheer blue glitter? Shimmer? I don't know. I love the color on the bottle but my natural nails are showing so ew..
Rescue Beauty Lounge Spring 2009

Locavore, Frugalista, Look Rich Be Cheap

Locavore - mixed of gold, silver, green and blue glitter. These are VERY brutal to take off. I didn't so swatches on the other one because I got lazy after trying to remove locavore lol

M.A.C Hello Kitty

Something About Pink - Bright pink. I really only bought it for the bottle.

On the Prowl - Grey!! We need more.. love it, love it, love it!!


Essie Mesmerize - awesome blue. Need I say more?

Essie Flawless - soft dark pink. Pretty cute?
China Glaze

China Glaze Yell-o-Neil : a bright yellow with a hint of glitter

China Glaze Adore: from the Romantique collection. Very streaky as you can see. But gorgeous color.

That's all..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Color Club Femme Fatale Collection 2009

This is the best color that came out by far this year. Black Holo. How awesome does that look? I took a pic of it in flash just to show the beauty of it. This is a must have nail polish. I see that it's already out of stock at

Ooooo La La
An opaque white. This took three coats. I thought it will be a boring white creme but it has a pearl white finish! As always I have trouble with white nail polishes but this one I think wasn't that bad. I like it.

Femme Fatale
No swatch on this one. This is a sheer color. I bought it because I want to try and put it over some nail polishes to see how it will come out. I haven't tried that yet so.. until then ... haha!

Well I only bought these three from the new color club femme fatale collection. They also have a catwalk queen collection in which I didn't have any interest in =X But these two colors were the best. Revvvolution and Ooooo La La!

Monday, March 9, 2009

China Glaze Summer Days 2009 Collection

Rain rain go away, come again some other day!

I heard we're gonna be getting endless rain here for the rest of the week. Hence, I took a few of the swatches with flash. Which doesn't capture the true beauty of this collection.

When I first saw swatches on the new China Glaze Summer Days collection, I knew which ones I were definitely getting and which ones I'm not. But..... I end up ordering the whole collection. Go figure. The camera does not capture any of the beauty of these nail polishes. They're shimmery, shiny, and yes they actually do look delicious. Although, the ad for this collection kind of creeps me out. Anyways, on with the swatches!

Grape Juice
My favorite of the collection. This one is amazing. A gorgeous purple with silver shimmer. It's absolutely GORGEOUS.

Watermelon Rind
This is the runner up for me. Honestly, I expected better, but this will do. It's a greenish color with a silver hint of shimmer. Another gorgeous shades, that actually does look a little like watermelon. Yummy

Strawberry Fields
This one tied with Watermelon Rind. This one is BEAUTIFUL. It is pink with golden shimmers. My co-worker said this one reminded her of bridal nails. Must be the gold hints. The sun was a bit too strong for this one.

Orange Marmalade
Ehh..another orange...This was taken with flash because we haven't had sunlight in like awhile. I was forced to! I wanted to do more swatches. As you can see it started to wear off because I was waiting and waiting just hoping for the sun to peek out a little. It didn't. Anyways, no I don't really like this color...I have plenty of oranges that looks like this.

Raspberry Festival
Red with silverish glitter. I'm a little embarassed to show this picture because my skintone looks terrible with red nails. This is why I don't like red nail polish. Look at the horror!!

Cherry Pie
OH GOD the horror! Why, why, why?! Plus the flash makes it look worse. Cherry pie is very similar to Raspberry Festival, but Cherry Pie is light whereas Raspberry Festival is more bright vibrant red like.

Overall, this collection was not bad at all. Grape jucie wins my vote!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Misa Living On The Fast Lane Collection; Spring 2009

New York was hit with a 12 inch blizzard and my campus was not closed. How cruel was that?! But anyways, this week's swatches includes Misa's Living on the Fast Lane Collection for Spring 2009. My overall rating for this collection is a 7 out of 10. In which I'll explain why in a bit. But here are the colors!

Speed of Life
Wow please pardon my dried up cuticles *cringes*. But this was one of my favorite in this collection. The orange was a bright orange creme that is not like any other orange nail polishes out there. This one is more soft and not so neon, not so pastel, not so bright, but bright enough?

Right Here Now, No More Later
A really bright light sky blue creme! OMG this color is gorgeous. I loved it. Only 2 coats were needed. This one was kind of similar to China Glaze Bahamian Escape in the Bahamas Blue collection but this one is more darker and more vibrant than the CG one. Love it, love it, love it!

Push Upon It
Ok seriously how many berry like creams are we gonna get for the spring collections. I already have two from the OPI South Beach collection. I didn't like this color that much besides the richness of this color. Other than that it is a pretty boring color to me. I think we need to see more new colors no?

On the Edge
Again, more blues! This one is a blue creme, not too navy like and not to sky blue like. Just BLUE. Again we've seen a lot of these type of blues. Similarly in China Glaze's Bahamas Blues collection. I lke this one though because it's REALLY BAM BLUE in the sun. If that even makes sense......

Dirty, Sexy Money
WHOA. My favorite color of the collection. Because I can't even think of a dupe for this color! It's greenish, turquoise, I don't really know. But this color is awesome and I love it.

There is one more collection Stop Rewinding, Just Fast Forward in which I did not get because I don't really like reds. It tends to make me look REALLY evil like. Haha, maybe that's just me but it looked nice on other people. If you want to you may take a look at Scrangie's blog entry regarding the whole collection.

Until next time!