Tuesday, April 28, 2009

China Glaze Kicks 2009

Hi everyone!! Today I finally got the China Glaze Kicks Collection swatches done. I didn't buy the whole collection because the other colors didn't seem interesting to me. I love the colors of this collection, but I really didn't like the application at all. It was thin, then gooey, then bubbly. Majority of these are on the sheer side. Every swatch was done in three coats with a Seche's top coat.

Entourage - light lime ish green with a little hint of shimmer

I've decided to try Konad again... What you guys think of it?

Paper Chasing - I love this one. Exact green I want. It looks a little metallic, but not opaque enough to be classified as a metallic.

Custom Kicks - probably a family of Essie's Greenport mixed with Misa's Dirty Sexy Money? It's a shimmer teal that looks much darker in person.

Sky High Top - My 3rd favorite. A medium blue with slight shimmer

And trying konad again!

Fly - a purple plum like. I didn't like this nail polish at all. I mean its looks pretty. But just not on me..

How Street It is - An orange-red creme. Obviously a little too red for me. And red nails for me is like scary looking :(

b-girlz - a light magenta shimmer. Not for me either.

It is 90 degrees here in New York. I am dying from the heat as I'm typing this up. Time to get a nice ice cold lemonade! Enjoy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Color Club Electro Candy and other brights

Electro Candy - a hot frosty pink

Volt of Light - bright neon yellow

Tangerine Scream - my favorite one. Gorgeous neon frost orange.

Pure Energy - a vibrant bright blue

What a Shock! - my first ever Konadicure! It's not all that. And I also got too excited to try the konads I forgot to take a picture of what a shock! alone.

My second shot at konad. This reminds me of Blues Clues haha.

And as I've mentioned before, they never sent me ultra violet even though I ordered it. But they didn't charge me either. So I ordered it on my next bash of nail polishes :)

Since this entry has a lot of brights I've decided to add other brights swatches to this entry.

Essie Shorty Pants - a yellow creme, not necessarily bright, but bright enough. It's nothing close to neon tho.

Essie Mini Shorts - a bright neon orange. This hurts my eyes.

Dante Neon Green - now here's a really bright green. I got this nail polish awhile ago. I don't remember where I bought it but this is a true neon green!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


So it's been awhile since I've updated. I only have a few swatches to show today. I've been uberly busy and have not been able to upload pictures. These were uploaded awhile ago so yea :)

OPI Moon Over Mumbai

I've been more into the neutral shades lately. Moon Over Mumbai is a white-ish gray creme. A little on the sheer side but after three coats it's doable.

OPI My Daddy's the King

I love this color. Looks very natural. It's with three coats as well. I don't know if this is considered peachy or beige. I guess it's between both. I'm beginning to love nudes :D

OPI DS Reflection - a bright red holo. Hmm it actually doesn't make my nails look scary or does it? Designer series is the best!!

OPI DS Diamond Dust

As I've mentioned.. I absolutely LOVE OPI's designer series. I ordered another on and this color is gorgeous. It's a pale grey mixed with purple. Absolutely stunning! I took it with flash because that's the best way to capture the holo-ness! I wonder what's my next order of OPI's designer series will be...hmmm..

And now since I have such little swatches today, I have a preview of what's my upcoming swatches!

Color Club Electro Candy
I didn't get Ultra Violet for some reason, but I've included in my next order of Nail Polishes

China Glaze Kicks Collection
I think I ordered the wrong orange shade. I wanted Breakin' instead I ordered how street it is. I hope it's not gonna be a bright red that will make my nails look bloody..

China Glaze Bare if You Dare
I hope this one is a duplicate of OPI Love Me Tender

Zoya Summer Collection
Tallulah, Midori, and Pippa. The only ones that caught my eye.

Zoya Twist Collection
I'm late on these but it's better late than never!

Random Zoya's
Since I was ordering already, might as well order 3 more!
Juno, Gabrielle, and Creamy

Rescue Beauty Lounge Spongebob collection
I think these are called spongebob collection..
Starfish Patrick, Bikini Bottom, and Squarepants

Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle

Nfu Oh # 52, 40, and 60
Also ordered #51, which will be coming soon!!

BB Couture Iced Olive and Electric Avenue
These are my first purchases of BB Couture Nail Polishes

And finally.......


Coraline Nail Kit II

I have never tried Konad before, and I hope it'll be as easy as it looks.

Until next time!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Misa

I love Misa brand nail polishes. Their colors are unique, the application is easy, no bubbles, no streaks. And they're affordable.

Runway Diva - This looks less pink in person. Actually there's not much pink at all in person. It's a simple mauve creme. A little too simple for me. But I like it.

Hot Couture - mMm caramel galore<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_r_cQEq06Pfo/SduxrxQ6tPI/AAAAAAAAAMU/7qEqOHMPYcU/s1600-h/misadecadent+drifter.jpg">
Decadent Drifter - Behold!! The invisble Misa nail polish bottle! I don't know why I didn't take a picture with the bottle. Maybe it really was invisible. But anyways, this color is ah-mayyyy-ziiiiiiiiiing! I love duochromes and this one is one of my favorite. A pale green with some pink, purple? It's really hard to capture in picture. Looks a lot better in person.

Toxic Seduction - Mm what's better than green nail polish? Nothing really. I love green, it's my favorite color. And Toxic Seduction is a heavy shimmery green. You can barely see the shimmers but the shimmers gives it life.

Foxy & Folsky - Another duochrome. Except this one is even harder to capture on my camera. It's also mauve but looks bronze in certain shades or angles. I have writer's block right now. I can't really think of ways to describe these colors.

I'm feeling under the weather today. Not really feeling my greatest and my usual self. Nevertheless, spring break is almost here. I just have one more class tonight and I'm FREE!! I ordered my Zoya Ooh-La-La collection, and La-Di-Da collection. Only certain choices I chosed not because not all the colors are appealing to me. I'm STILL waiting for my China Glaze Kicks collection. I don't know why it's taking forever to ship to me because I live in the SAME state! Grr.. Oh well until then.. :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

An American Manicure

So I've decided to go for something more professional and natural looking. What's more natural than an American manicure? I decided to follow the polish addict with her choices of nail polish for an American manicure. I've used Essie's Mademoiselle, Marshmallow as tips, and Pink Glove Service.

I followed the polish addict by doing a base coat, and applied one coat of Mademoiselle, and two layers of Marshmallow on the tips. I did it free hand. And then I applied one coat of Pink Glove Service as the top coat.

I was pretty happy with the results. And many people complimented me on my "natural look" instead of having all these weird colors they've never seen before.