Friday, May 29, 2009

Green MISA

Hi! Today I have more green's to show you. More from MISA.

Green With Envy - is a yellow green creme. Perfect in many ways. This will be a color that I will definitely wear again.

Let's Go Green - a bright neon green. I can never get enough of neon greens. They're so amazing. However, on the down side...after removing this color my nails were EXTREMELY yellow.. *gags* I guess that's what neon green does to your nails..

And finally I wanted to play with my konads again. I really love the zebra plates. I don't have as much trouble as I use to with konads. Slowly getting use to it.

Well, that's all I have for today. Plenty of more swatches to go!!

Nars Orgasm

It's late but I just want to get a post up before I sleep!

Nars Orgasm is a gorgeous coral shimmer with hints of gold. The picture shown is done in 4 coats. It's been temporarily out of stock in both Sephora and Nars website. But I got it when it was available. I think this polish is worth the get. I mean I know theres similar, but this color is beautiful. I'm a sucker for big brands as you can see. And I love Nars' cosmetics.

I hope everyone have a good weekend. Thank god it's Friday! :)


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge

Hey all! Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day! I had a BBQ at my house with a bunch of friends and it was all fun and games. I love food haha :P

I also had a great birthday too! Time is going by so fast *tears*

Anyways, today is a bunch of Rescue Beauty Lounge. As I've mentioned on the Spongebob collection, I love the quality of their nail polish. It's never streaky.

Stormy - a "stormy" color indeed. This is a dark gray creme. Fantastic. I took this picture while it was still wet, that's why it looks so thick..

Recycle - GREEN<3<3<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
No More War - another fantastic color. It's sorta like a camouflage green. Perfect name for the color.

Moxie - I had to buy this somewhere else because RBL website doesn't have it anymore. I think this is a gorgeous and sophisticated color. Certain lights it would be gold, and then it'll be silver, sometimes it's pearly white. Absolutely stunning!

Black Russian - Black creme with red glitters. I was debating whether or not to get this color but something about it just attracts me.

I tried using OPI DS reflection to see if it was opaque enough to be used as konad art. And it did. I think it came out pretty no? :)

Teal - exactly like it's name. This was a really bad mani. I was having bad seasonal allergies and my nose kept running. So I just wanted to rush and let my nails dry and be able to blow my nose so excuse it.

So that's all for now. I still have one more RBL to show, Concrete Jungle. I didn't get to try that yet.

Plenty of MORE nail polishes to swatch so be patient with me!

Until next time!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

BB Couture Green Goblin

Hi all! Just making a quick post. Today, is my 22nd birthday! So happy birthday to me!! :) And of course for my birthday I did my nails with my favorite color green. And BB Couture had the perfect dark green for me called Green Goblin. It is a deep dark forest green, and I'm loving it. I am also officially done with finals. So here comes summer 09!! So exciting. Ok on with the swatch!


Hope everyone will enjoy their day!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

OPI Brightpair

Hi! I have a terrible headache right now from studying for my finals. But I'm taking a break to show parts of the OPI Brightpair collection. And as usual, I only got the ones I think appeals to me.

No Time for the Blues - a bright sky blue creme. This one looks darker in person.

Grape Fit - a nice lilac creme

Taupe - like the name a creme taupe

That's all I have for you today. Wish me luck on my finals!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge Spongebob Squarepants Collection

Hi all! I'm very excited about today's swatches. Being that I'm a huge fan of Spongebob (I know I have a mind/heart of a three-year-old), to have my nails based on one of my favorite cartoons is unbearable for me! I'm in love with Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes. Ji Baek is amazing. These were sheer cremes with a jelly finish. Although they were sheer, with a little patience it'll be a little more opaque. Enough with the talking..

Starfish Patrick - This one is a beautiful coral sheer. This was done in three coats with a top coat. I love the color!!

Bikini Bottom- Another great one. Sheer blue creme. Done in four coats. Absolutely gorgeous.

Squarepants- Yellow sheer creme!! I'm dying for a pale yellow. And RBL Squarepants was the best. This was four coats as well.

The applications were FLAWLESS. No streaks, no fuss. I am in love with this collection and having a lot of trouble choosing which one was my favorite. I love all three of them. Although RBL nail polishes are VERY expensive ($18 a bottle) I did not regret getting these at all. I hope you guys snagged a few bottles when they had a 50% discount.

That's all I have for you today, I have a lot more RBL nail polishes to swatch. I also have the Essie neons of 2009, and a few from OPI and ORLY, and two GREEN nail polishes from BB Couture. I can't wait!

Enjoy your day~!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nfu-Oh Nail Lacquers

Hi all! Today I have swatches from a brand called Nfu-Oh. Which in my opinion is a brilliant nail polish brand. They have flakies!! I have #'s 51, 52, and 60. They were easy to apply but really tough to remove because of the flakies. Other than that no complaints. I'm in love with them :)

#60, a black base with orange/gold flakies. Done in four coats

#52, blue/purple base with aqua flakies. This one got me REALLY frustrated. Why? Because in person it looks dark blue. But my camera for some odd reason keeps making it look purple! I don't know, maybe I should've done this in 4 coats. It was in 3 coats. But here's a pic from my webcam that shows more blue:

#51, the best of the bunch. Like a chameleon. Purple to red, to pink, to blue. It was really hard capturing the true colors of this nail polish. Here I did my very best. This is a must get. I also took this one with my webcam to show the difference in colors:

Not to mention, the bottles are extremely adorable and creative:

A corset with a flowy dress as the bottom. Brilliant!!

I bought these off I believe it's the only place to get it, unless you want to try e-Bay, whom I think the seller is the same as the website. They're $12.50 a bottle, but hey for a nail polish so beautiful, price is nothing!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

OPI Breathe Life

Hi! I finally came to do a swatch for the limited edition OPI Breathe Life which helps promotes lung cancer awareness in women. This color is absolutely gorgeous and it is for a good cause! So get yourself a bottle!

This is what OPI said about this Breathe Life:

So We Can All Breathe Easier …

New OPI Breathe Life Nail Lacquer Supports

New Lung Cancer Foundation of America

The facts can leave you breathless: Lung cancer is the #1 killer of women, making it more deadly than the six next largest cancer killers combined. And 60% of new lung cancer victims will be non-smokers.

For these reasons, OPI is proud to join with the Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA). LCFA’s primary goal is not just to prevent lung cancer, but to cure it. To help “breathe life” into raising funds for early detection, diagnosis, and a cure, OPI has created an exclusive new Nail Lacquer called Breathe Life – a fresh-air, silvery-blue.

“The statistics are shocking. Lung cancer has stopped our breathing long enough, and we need to stop it now,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.

In addition to this new Nail Lacquer, OPI has also made a donation to LCFA. “Because LCFA is a new organization, working on the frontlines at the grassroots level, every dollar contributed makes a tremendous impact,” Weiss-Fischmann says.

This was done in 4 coats. I love the blue/lavendar shimmer on this. Please ignore my little scratch there. I wore this for a day before taking a picture of it hoping for some sun. But yes, it's a definite must get!

That's all I have today!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Seriously? Rain for a whole week? Do we really need that many? So there wasn't much sun, as you will see in my pictures which all looks gloomy and sad :( But yea this post is with a bunch of Zoya swatches. Variety of collections that I chose according to my preferences :)

First from the Summer collection La-Di-Da

Pippa- This was a different yellow compared to most yellow's I've tried. It's kind of pale, but not pastel, not neon, not bright. Just a yellow creme. This took me four coats. Everyone knows the pain of the beautiful yellow nail polishes.

Next off is from the Summer collection Ooh-La-La

Tallulah - I like the name itself already! lol This is a blue shimmer. Absolutely stunning.

Midori - Shimmer frost green, what more can I say? What happened to the bottle? I don't know. When I went to take a picture of it I couldn't find it. I'm sure its somewhere in my stash. I just hope I didn't toss it in the garbage by accident...

For fun I though I'll match it up with Midori itself. Quite similar. I just noticed my pink is REALLY short...hmm..

Zoya Twist Collection

Jo - Another blue. But this one more deeper than tallulah while tallulah is more vibrant.

Harley - Can't get enough of gray! This kind of reminds me Run With It from Sephora by OPI.

Malia - a mediocre purple/lavendar creme. Too dark to be considered lavendar. Too light to be considered as purple.

Cassi - Pink with light shimmers. I didn't like this one =X

Zoya Candy Collection

Creamy - Seriously why do they do this to us?! I love yellow nail polishes as much as I love greens. But they give me SO much problems. I was so frustrated applying this. This was done in 5 coats. REALLY thick as you can see. It was extremely streaky and just wasn't pretty after it was done :(

Zoya Gabrielle

Pretty!! This was done in four coats. An orangey glitter shimmer etc. When I first applied it, it looked more coral than orange to me. And then after it dried it looked completely bronze. I liked it before it dried more than after it dried.

Zoya Juno

I took this one with a flash to capture the real purple of Juno. Juno is like a duochrome. At certain lights it will look like a dull dark purple, and then in extreme sunlight it'll look vibrant purple like the picture!

Well that's all I have for today. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

BB Couture Nail Laquers

I thought April showers bring May flowers? Yet it's raining cats and dogs here.

Anyways, so I finally get to try BB Couture Nail Polishes. And I must say the application is smooth. I loved the thin brush. I have today Iced Olive, and Electric Avenue. I am definitely ordering more colors. It's a little pricey, but you pay for what you get!

BB Couture nail polish can be purchased at Overall Beauty. I already ordered Green Goblin and Poison Ivy. Can't get enough of Green Nail Polishes =) On with the swatches!

Iced Olive - an absolutely gorgeous shimmer olive green. It has slight gold hint to it. This was done with 3 coats. Two would've done the job. Makes me want to dip my nails in a martini. Hah just kidding! (ok that was a REALLY bad joke, sorry)

Electric Avenue - a very very very VERY light blue. This one gave me a little trouble. It was on the sheer side and quite streaky. And as you can see in the picture there are some bubbles. But this was my fault. I was very inpatient and didn't let it dry before applying the next coats. This was done in 4 coats. However I think with a little patience, this nail polish would look amazing!