Friday, August 28, 2009

BB Couture Nail Polishes Part I

Supposedly there's a hurricane coming to New York, hence it's raining cats and dogs here. It's my last weekend of the Summer before school starts for me, and it's raining all weekend. What fun -_-

So today I decided to get all the BB Couture nail polishes done with. I thought I could get it all done but I didn't realize that I have so many..And so they will be separated into three parts :)

Venom - A frosty green. This is a nice color, although you have to be very careful during the application. The frost finish tends to leave brush strokes similar to metallic finishes.

Venice Party - A very pretty faded blue with tiny tiny tiny glitters. It's a really nice color but some reason the application wasn't so nice. As you can see it looks very bumpy even after a top coat. Awkward..

Punk Rock Pink - This color is blinding to stare at. A hot neon pink. Need I say more?

Opposites Attract - A dark gray with glitters. This does remind me of concrete because if you look closesly there are black-like glitters. This was also very bumpy as well. Maybe it's the tiny glitters that causes it.

Blue Suede Shoes - The bottle itself looks more purple than blue. After applying three coats it looks blue. What an interesting color..

Prince Charming Blue - A bright glowing blue. This color stood out a lot. Not your typical blue frost!

And here's a comparison of one hand matte and the other original. As you can tell, the matte finish gives it a satin look (in which I absolutely love!)

Hermosa Surfer Girl - A deep pink (close to red) jelly with lots of glitters. This was my favorite of all. And as you know, I'm not a pink/red nail type of person, but reds are beginning to grow on me!

And here it is in matte, EVEN BETTER!!!!!!

Stay tune for more BB Couture nail swatches including the new limited edition Hot Rod collection! And by the way, TGIF! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lippmann Collection Celebrate 10th Anniversary Set

The Lippmann Collection available at for $35.00 celebrates their 10th anniversary with three colors:

Funky Chunky - sequined sheer black
Superstar - show stopping copper flecked fudge
Ruby Red Slippers - Dorothy's shimmering ruby

Funky Chunky - I took a pic of this in flash to show the sheerness. This was a huge disappointment for the collection. I tried so hard to get some sequins on my nails but failed. This was done four coats. Yuck!

Superstar - HELLO GLITTER!! Gorgeous shade. My reason for taking this in flash is because well I got home from work and couldn't wait to put on a new color. The sun was already setting so I couldn't capture the beautiful color.

Ruby Red Slippers - My favorite! I love this color a lot! It looks stunning in person. I love how the red sequins makes it pop out even more! Love it.

Sure this collection wasn't worth $35. Funky Chunky was a big failure, no offense to Lippmann Collection. I mean I've seen swatches done by other nail bloggers and they really do look like a nightmare manicure. At least Ruby Red Slippers and Superstar makes up the bad Funky Chunky!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Skittle nails inspired by Scrangie

Hi everyone! All these nail polish swatching is keeping me busy. But of course I'm having fun with it. However, while I was going through Scrangie's blog, I was inspired by her skittle nails with konad design. I decided to try it for myself. And I absolutely love it. I received so many compliments on it and people asking me how and where I get it done. They were surprised that I did it myself. Oh the wonders of Konad<3 href="">here

All nail colors are from OPI. Thumb to pinky: Big Apple Red, Brights Power, The IT color, Greenwich Village, and Dating A Royal. Konad plates m74 with black konad special polish.

It is VERY artistic, and I adore it.

Of course I couldn't help but to apply Rescue Beauty Lounge Matte top coat on it. I think this was the only one I didn't like matte. It dulls out the bright colors. My boyfriend liked the non-matte one as well.

Well that is all I have for you today. I've plenty more to go!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

ZOYA Dare Collection

It's 3:33 AM here and I'm still wide awake. I need to cut down on the coffee... So finally got around with Zoya's Dare Collection. I was looking forward to this because I absolutely love cremes.

Vanessa - This is suppose to be a dark berry creme. However, no matter how many pictures I took, this still turn out red on my camera. It is a lot darker in real life.

Ciara - A red purple creme. Slightly similar to Vanessa but more red than berry.

Demi - One of my favorites. A semi-purple creme.

Pinta - A dark purple creme. My picture looks more black than it does in real life..

Envy - Much to my surprise I was a little disappointed at this one. This is a black green creme. I wonder if it's similar to Nars Zulu. Looks a little like it but of course not the real deal. This makes me almost curious as to how it would look with a matte top coat.. Maybe the green will show more. I will try it!

Ibiza - Shimmering black blue, a very dark blue however not close to black. Plenty of shimmers.

I didn't like the Dare collection as much as I did with the Truth collection. Guess I'm not a daredevil. Har har har, another failed attempt at trying to be funny. lol

And of course, I've ordered from OC nail art recently with some cool new plates for konads, and I also bought a few other old konad plates. I decided to play around with it.

Here's Vanessa with Konad plate m57 China Glaze OMG. I took it in flash to show the holo :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

ZOYA Truth Collection

Greetings! Hope all is well and not suffering from the Monday Blues. I finally got around with the Zoya Truth collection. And I must say this collection was a surprise to me. Being that I'm not a fan of metallics or reds, I absolutely adore this collection. Two reds in this collection actually looks good on me. On with the swatches..

Penny - a golden metallic shimmer. This one is more gold, looks a bit copper to me. There were a few issues with this one, such as brush strokes, since it was a metallic. But it's also such a nice color!

Kalmia - A red gold shimmer. In the sun you'll see hints of gold shimmer in this light red.

Salma -
A red shimmer. This was one of the reds I loved.

Isla - A slightly dark red shimmer. This was my favorite of the whole collection.

Anaka - A shimmer dark pink/magenta? I love the shimmer in this one.

Drew - A mauve pink shimmer. This looked a little boring to me but the micro silver glitters in it makes me like it more! Very appropriate for the fall.

Well that's all I have for you today. Don't let my pictures stop you from getting this collection. The truth collection looks ten times better in person. Trust me :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

ZOYA Indigo

Happy Sunday! But not so happy because the weekend is almost over. I finally went to the beach yesterday. It felt great and relaxing. I also got many new nail polishes in which I will be spending the rest of the month swatching haha. Why do we have so much love for nail polishes?

Zoya Indigo - Navy blue with hints of red/silver/gold glitter

This color looks almost black. But when the sun hits you can see all the tiny little glitters on it. I'm not sure if you can see it in this picture. However, this makes me want Essie's Starry Starry Night SO bad. I really pray for a re-release, since I didn't get my hands on it last year. Gorgeously done in two coats with seche vite top coat.

Well that is all I have for you today. Many more to come!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NARS Tokaido Express for Fall 2009

Greetings! Today I have NARS Tokaido Express from the Fall collection. Very rarely do I update my blog this much, but I feel like I owe you guys a lot. And I sure am making it up for you all :)

Tokaido Express - a vampy purple shimmering brown. Perfect for the fall. Pretty unique color to me! Application was a piece of cake, two coats and I'm set.

I have to end this entry early tonight. I have a huge neck pain that I can't seem to get rid of. I'm a pretty tall person and at work the tables are really short. Imagine having to look down at an awkward angle to type and look at the monitor screen for 9 hours daily. It's torture I tell ya!

OK enough ranting about work. I'll have more updates for you guys this coming weekend :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

OPI Matte Collection

I'm on a role updating ain't I? It is extremely hot in New York today, 93 degrees! I'm enjoying myself at home with the air conditioner on. However, running outdoors to take pics of my nails and running back in is giving me a sweat. Nevertheless, I got the OPI Matte collection all done today. Pictures first, then my review on them.

Alpine Snow - This literally looks like wite-out on my nails.

Gargantuan Green Grape - Please ignore the smudge mess on my index finger. I got lazy to redo it. Well a green matte. Reminded me of Nubar Green Tea with Essie matte top coat. I wasn't so enthused about this one. I thought hm Green yay but nope it wasn't all that. The original one is a lot better..

La Paz-itively Hot - However, this was my favorite of the whole collection. It's a little blinding to look at. This looks like silk wrapped around my nails. Absolutely gorgeous.

You Don't Know Jacques - Um, kind of boring..

Lincoln Park After Dark - This is suppose to look like a very dark vampy purple, but it looks almost black. Wasn't so hyped about this one either.

Russian Navy - I was looking forward to this one, because the original russian navy have all these gorgeous speckles on it. But where is it in matte??? However, I do like the whole navy look matte.

The whole collection to me was ehh... You weren't suppose to put any base coat on but my nails are stained enough so I put Nail Tek Foundation II as basecoat. Maybe that explains the messy application. Matte's are VERY hard and tricky to apply. Any mistakes done will be shown (as you can see on my swatches) What I also don't like about this collection is that they used old colors. I mean if we really want these colors in matte, a matte top coat would've done the job, and application will be much, much easier. But hey, whatever floats their boat!

I decide to introduce to you guys my little spoiled princess. I gave her a nice bath today since it was so hot just to help her relax in this type of weather. My dog, Bebe, is an 8 year old Papillon. I've had her since she was a puppy and fell in love with her. She means the world to me :) This is a picture of her drying up in the sun after her bath. Looked like she pretty much enjoy the sun a lot. Ain't she a cutie?

So that's all I have for you today ladies. I've plenty more to go as you can tell from my previous entries. I hope everyone had a lovely Monday, and to enjoy the rest of their Monday. Take care!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nubar Pastel Collection Part II

Yes! My nails finally have some colors on them instead of the boring french manicure!! Today I will finish up the Nubar Pastel Collection. I'm beginning to love Nubar nail polishes. They apply so smoothly and everything. Not a single streak on some nail polishes. Anyways, on with the swatches!

Pink Creme - A deep pink creme, done in two coats. There were 3 pinks in this collection, as this one was the darkest one. It's cute but not my taste.

But I love it in matte :)

Green Tea - Green<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Is it just me or does the Essie matte top coat makes everything look so amazing?

Lemon Sorbet - Now this was my favorite of all out of the whole collection. I absolutely love pastel yellow. And this was the perfect one. Done in three coats, no streaks, no goops, no problems at all. And so I finally found the pastel yellow I've always wanted!

And finally look at it in matte. It's just so freakin' amazing. I couldn't stop staring at my nails because it's ... I'm speechless haha you get the point.

Well I finally got swatches up for you guys. Thank you all for your patience and STILL continue to reading my blog. I really appreciate it :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

Hey! I know you all missed me and my polish swatches as much as I miss them. But I am officially back. It has been over a month since the passing of my father. I am allowed to do my nails again. And boy do I have a lot of swatches to do. I'm going to be REALLY busy the next few weeks with PLENTY of updates.

More future updates!!!

Nars Tokaido Express

China Glaze Retro Diva

Random polishes from Orly

Random China Glaze polishes

Random Color Club polishes

BB Couture polishes along with a few goodies that I won from Mary in Body and Soul. She is SUCH a sweetheart. My first package got lost in the mail I believe, and she went on and ordered it again to make sure I receive it. The candies were delicious as I love watermelon flavored candies! You all should check our blog; updated daily and monthly contests!

So I'm currently waiting for my Sephora and Transdesign shipment to come. I spent a lot and I can't wait to get them!!

I will be having an update of some swatches shortly, so be prepare! :)