Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chanel Jade Nail Collection

Ah, the color all us green nail fanatics have been waiting for. After much anticipation, it finally came out and I ordered it right away. And I can honestly tell you.....nothing special. We've got a lot of nice mint greens out, MAC's Peppermint Patti, OPI Damone Roberts 1968, etc. Sure when you let the sun shine on it, you can see the very subtle hints of shimmer, but who's always out in the sun anyways? And for $25? *heart drops*

Jade - application was okay, a little thick. For Chanel prices I would've expected their application to be flawless. But all their nail polishes are thick and gooey which makes it really tough too apply plus it's not heavily pigmented. This was done in three coats.

Jade Rose - A dusty rose pink. PLEASE ignore that dent I made, my nails weren't dry yet and yea... anyways, OK remind me again why did I buy this? It's more pink in person but I took this picture indoors, which makes it appear nude ish. The shimmers on it are barely noticeable.

This collection sort of reminds me of MAC's peppermint patti and their seasonal peach. The colors match up quite well, hmm...competition?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge Fall 2009 Blogger Created Collection

Happy Monday everyone. I'm so happy to have this Monday off to catch up on my sleep and all my school work :( But I took the time out to make a post on the Rescue Beauty Lounge Bloggers nail polish. I think this was one heck of a collection because these 3 colors were NEVER seen before (at least to me)

Scrangie - a blue green shimmer with purple base. It looks gorgeous and my picture does no justice for it.

Orbis Non Suffucit - grey greened creme. I don't have any greens like this at all. And knowing me, I have all the possible green nail polishes out there (except for Nars Zulu) and this sure isn't like any other greens I have.

Mismas - purple creme. This is ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST close to the perfect purple creme I've always wanted. But nevertheless it's a cute simple gorgeous shade!

And adding Color Club's Fashion Addcit with Zebra konad, makes it look so amazing. I really like the Zebra designs :)

That's all I have for you today. More coming up!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

MAC Nail Lacquer by Jin Soon

Happy weekend! I have a 3 day weekend because I took off today for personal matters >_> and Monday is Yom Kippur! And then Tuesday I don't have night class (hooray!) because of a conversion day to Monday schedule! So I'm a happy chick!

So Jin Soon created a few colors for MAC. Six to be exact. I was only interested in three; Beyond Jealous, Dry Martini, and Cool Reserve.

Cool Reserve - A greyish lavender. I'm in love with these mauve like colored nail polishes!

Beyond Jealous - A blackened teal. I took this with flash hoping to show some teal because no matter what or where I take a picture of it, it still appeared as black on my camera. I tried my best :(

Dry Martini - Deep olive brown. Reminds me of RBL No More War but this one is definitely more brown and darker.

And hey hey hey! No surprise here, my nails broke -_- They never seem to grow longer than the length I have. It was a little annoying typing with long nails but I envy those with long natural nails.

I also happened to stumbled upon a Sally Beauty Store here in New York (Ok I lied, I actually drove out there on purpose) and I ended up buying China Glaze Fortune Teller. Since it was sold out online and for some reason I really wanted it. I have so many ideas coming for my Halloween mani! I'm excited :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Barielle "All Laquered Up" Collection

Two posts in one week!

My nails are pretty long, at it's longest... I have a feeling they are going to break real soon...

U-Concrete-Me - such a cute name! Deep gray creme, literally like concrete!

Slate of Affairs - gray blue shimmer. The shimmer is quite unique, almost like a pearl finish. Very pretty :)

Putt-e on Me - gray taupe creme.

Polished Princess - golden green shimmer. I wanna slap myself for being lazy and not putting an extra coat. It would've look a lot better!

Pin Up - a very bright hot red with golden shimmers. Reds...just doesn't go so well with my skin tone. But this is a gorgeous color.

Out-grey-geous - light gray metallic shimmer. Didn't like this one so much I don't know why..

Make It a Latte - mm latte, a warm brown shimmer. Now this is a brown I love!

Lava Rock - deep purple shimmer. Very dark purple that almost appears black.

Glammed Out Garnet - dark red shimmer. I shouldn't say shimmer, more like speckles of glitter? It looks very interesting!

Get Mauve-ing - mauve creme that leans more towards purple than brown. It's very hard to describe mauve for certain nail polishes..

Falling Star - Medium blue creme with copper glitters. Wowee! I fell in love with this color! So unique and so odd! It did cause a little application problem because it was SO thick..

Blackened Bleu - black creme with blue shimmers/glitters. This reminds me a lot of China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong.

This collection was an interesting collection, I love falling star the most.

Beginning of next month, I'm gonna have to slow down on my nail polish purchases, and only purchase the ones I really want. I'm working less since school started and I spent over $500 on textbooks. This means I won't be able to review a whole collection, only parts of it. Which kind of sucks, but whatever it's life.

Monday, September 21, 2009

China Glaze Retro Diva Collection

Sorry for the lack of update! Been uber busy this week with all these papers and such. I have my first exams for each class (total of 5) in 2 weeks.. YIKES!

Anyways, I finally got done with the China Glaze Retro Diva collection. (late but better later than never). Although there are so many new China Glaze collections coming out (their glitter<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_r_cQEq06Pfo/SrgM-6JZk-I/AAAAAAAAAqY/Z9BPFMM91-A/s1600-h/cg+thunderbird.jpg">
Thunderbird - very dark black cherry red. Gorgeous shade.

Stroll - Deep burgundy with gold glitters? This would've looked a lot better in 4 coats, but I got lazy and only did three. poo..

Street Racing - Golden rosey red. It looks slightly orangey in certain lights.

Stella - deep purple shimmer. HELLO purple! I love this color.

Skate Night -
Magenta shimmer. OK my picture makes it look duochrome which it is NOT. However the reflection of the uber shiny nails of the sun setting made it look like a duochrome -_-

Short&Sassy - Another dark red shimmer however this one is lighter. Once again, the reflection of the sun setting makes the color look oddly weird. I tried my best. I guess I will never take pics of nails again while the sun is setting.

Let's Groove - dark purple shimmer. Gorgeous purple shimmer. Reminds me of Zoya's Yasmeen.

Free Love - Deep orange shimmer. By far my favorite of the collection. It's so bright and daring!

Far Out - Golden brown shimmer. A very interesting unique color, possibly no dupe. I like :)

Drive-In - Red shimmer.

Cruisin' - golden coppery orange shimmer. Interesting......

Cords - Metallic medium gray shimmer. This was the runner up of the collection.

Overall this collection was ok, wasn't great wasn't bad. I liked most of the colors. I like that it's shimmer and all that with a few unique colors. By far, China Glaze is doing a great job in satisfying our nail fetishes. Well not really fetishes, we just love nail polish! I can't, can't, can't, can't WAIT to try on the glitters!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nubar Going Green Collection

For all green lovers (like myself) this is the collection for us. Green has always been my favorite color. It's unique, at least that's what I think.. I'm glad Nubar released this and gave us six shades of green nail polishes. Thank you Nubar<3

Greener - Dark green shimmer. This has to be the best dark green shimmer of all times. Compare to any other dark green, this is my favorite. Second runner up is Barielle Date Night. I should do a comparison between the two.. hmm

Earth - Blue green shimmer. Leans a little more towards the blues.

Conserve - Another blue-green shimmer.

Forest - forest green creme. I love cremes more than shimmer, hence I love this color!

Reclaim - OMG. A green holo<3<3<3<3

Wildlife - And to make this collection better, a duochrome nail polish. A little bit of pink, moss green, and brown. Gorgeous.

Sorry if this post lacks some 'enthusiasm'. I got the case of the Monday blues...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nubar Modern Matte Collection

Wow I have 41 followers now!! :)

So as I was sitting in class getting ready to take notes. I noticed today's date! 09/09/09. It would be the last single digit for us, unless you'll be alive in year 2100.

So more mattes! Not as excited as I was for the Zoya Matte collection..

Avante- Garde - I don't really know how to describe this color. It leans towards orangey maroon?

Top coat makes matte polishes come to life.

Contempo - Bright cherry red matte

With top coat.

Prevail - I'm a little embarrassed to show this picture. I didn't let my base coat dry long enough before applying this one hence the messy application. This color is a brownish purple. My favorite of the whole collection. It looks very interesting.

Especially with a top coat!

Vital - A magenta purple? Gosh these colors are so hard to describe! Another one of my favorites.

And with a top coat.

Application for these were annoying. . . like all matte's you need a lot of patience and have to be really careful. All these were done in three coats, even though two does the job. I like these more with a top coat because it brings out all the shimmers. Seriously, I don't think we need anymore matte nail polishes when we have so many matte top coats out in the market.

Of course, this collection is available on bynubar.com

So that's all I have for you. I'd like to mention that I really, really dislike school :(

OK bye now! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week :)