Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Illamasqua Muse

I can't believe 2009 is almost over. Anyone have any New Years Resolutions? I didn't even make any yet. I don't think I should even bother since I never keep it -_-

Anyways, today I have Illamasqua Muse, quite an interesting color I must say. It is definitely a very awesome nail polish. Very pigmented, could've got away with one coat. This was done in two coats. The formula was smooth. I would consider this teal but a dark teal?

To my knowledge, there are no dupes to this. Of course, Illamasqua nail polishes are a little on the pricey side, but believe me it's worth it...

That's all I have for you today, until next time :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

I'm a little late, but not completely. I just got back from my family's Christmas dinner and hanging out with the boo. So I didn't have much time. But! I did have enough time to squeeze in a Christmas mani! I did two because I couldn't choose..

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle - This was my x-mas mani last year too. I couldn't help but to do it again this year. I love love love love this SO much! #1 on my nail polish list.

And finally my candy cane mani. I tried so hard to keep it nice and straight but it was hard -_- but hey I like how it turned out! I put a matte top coat over it but didn't get to take a picture of it. It definitely looked better matte. Makes me want a candy cane now o_o

I hope everyone had a safe and a very merry Christmas. Now it's time to count down to a new year!

Love ya!

PS- I wanted to let others know that I am STILL reading their blogs but I haven't commented. I will start the commenting once again. Promise :) I'm still here and still reading! Don't think I've abandoned you guys!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Finger Paints Winter/Holiday Collection 2009

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays thus far! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. So much is happening. My dog, Bebe, had to go into emergency Tuesday night because she was shaking/shivering and won't let us touch her. This never happened before hence we were concern. She's still inactive but at least she seems better now. Her poor eyes are affecting her :( and the vet said she is over-stressed. I, myself is still sick -_- I'm just coughing up a storm now. And it sucks and very annoying.

Moving on........

Finger Paints. First time ever trying this brand. These were available at Sally Beauty.

Snowman's Scarf - Bright medium red will bright gold shimmer. This one kind of reminds me of that limited edition Essie Love Beverley Hills or some sort like that. I will do a comparison soon for it!

Sparkling Snow - not the greatest picture.. sorry for that. A silver shimmer that has white and silver flecks on it. Very x-masy and sparkly.

Icy Iris - deep purple filled with many many shimmers. This one is gorgeous!

Evergreen Dream - dark green shimmer. and oh.my.god. This is the best green ever. The shimmers are so visible even on the nail. It's amazing.

Decked with Dazzle - light mauve-pink shimmer. The shimmer on this one makes this color amazing. It's very unique.

Candy Cane Shimmer - light red shimmer (more pink toned) My nails broke once again boohoo.

All these were done in three coats. I am satisfied with the application. I had no problems at all. They applied smoothly and evenly. It wasn't too thin or leaky. I definitely want to try more Finger Paint polishes!

In case I won't be able to post tomorrow, I just want to wish everyone a merry christmas and happy holidays!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ruby...shoes? comparisons

Hey everyone! First off I am done with finals! *throws confetti* Second off, I'm sick. Like really really sick since Thursday. What a great way to start my break huh? I came down with a fever that's not going away. But I'm fine now. Just a little weak and stuff. Third of all, it's SNOWING here in New York!! First snow of the season. We barely get snow here in December, so this looks so beautiful out. I will take pictures of it as soon as more lands!

I'm doing my first ever reader request! KONADomania wanted to see a comparison between China Glaze Ruby Pumps, and Essie Ruby Slippers. This was all I could do today -_- I have no energy!

And on goes the comparisons.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Color Club Ruby Slippers, and Essie Ruby Slippers.

I added Color Club Ruby Slippers to the comparison because it has the same names and it's also red glitter!

Index and Ring: Essie Ruby Slippers
Middle: CG Ruby Pumps
Pinky: Color Club Ruby Slippers

It seems to me that Ruby Pumps and Color Club's Ruby Slippers are a lot similar. Essie's Ruby Slippers glitters are much more bigger. And the base is more of a wine-ish burgundy as to the other two a bright red. Essie's Ruby Slippers still wins my heart tho >_<

I hope the comparison helps!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Essie Ruby Red Slippers

Hi! I'm taking a break from studying for my finals to write a quick post and show you Essie's Ruby Red Slippers.

Three coats and a top coat.

Red base jampacked with reddish glitters. Absolutely gorgeous. I am glad I spent a little extra just to have this!

Really sorry to make this short, but I have two finals tomorrow, and two finals on Thursday. So I better get back to it :(

Sunday, December 13, 2009

And the Winner is..............


Caitlin is a new blogger who started to blog a few months ago. Check out her blog! Gorgeous nails!

Thank you for all of you who participated in my very first giveaway. I can guarantee you that there will be many more giveaways in the future! Also thank you all for reading my blog as well!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

China Glaze Khrome Collection & Last day to enter giveaway

Hi! Swatches first then comments!

Milennium - silver chrome. Wow, I have never seen such a chrome like this before. It's literally mirror-like.

Metallic Muse - a blue-green chrome. I thought this was going to be similar to Adore from the Romantique collection but its different. Adore is more green. And this one is blue-ish green.

Hi-Tek - bronze/copper ish chrome. This was my favorite of the bunch. Something about it made it look so pretty :)

2030 - gold chrome. My second favorite.

Sci-Fi - silver/lavender chrome. I added lavender because it has a slight light purple tone to it. And of course my nails broke after it reaches its max length.. lol

Robotika - Soft brown chrome. This is the less reflective one. But it's still pretty :D

These went on smoothly although I had a problem with Milennium, 2030, and Metallic Muse. The problem was I used a regular base coat. And all my ridges on my nails showed through. Another problem was I realized a top coat kind of ruins the finish. Seche Vite top coat was put on Milennium, 2030, and Metallic Muse.

To solve the problem, I used two coats of Nail Tek Foundation II base coat. Which is a ridge filling base coat. I put them under Hi-Tek, Sci-Fi, and Robotika. As you can see ridges are less shown and more smoother application. And since these dry fast. I didn't use a top coat for these three. And voila, it looks better than the other three!

That's all I have for you today. And don't forget to enter my giveaway. Today's the last day, I'm accepting all entries till 11:59 PM Eastern USA time! Good luck all!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Essie Winter Holiday Sweet Time of the Year

Hi my lovely readers! Today I have for you Essie's Winter Holiday Sweet Time of the Year collection. I was looking forward to this because of Mint Candy Apple. It is a gorgeous shade I must say.

Mint Candy Apple - A pastel aqua green creme. Definitely nothing like it compared to all the similar colors such as China Glaze For Audrey. I want to call this a mint green, but it leans more towards aqua than green. But whatever it's lovely! Three coats, no streaks, no fuss.

Lollipop - bright red creme. Ladies, I think I have found my perfect red creme nail polish. As many of you might or might not know, red nails does not appeal me. And this one I say suits me a lot! Even my co-worker (whom is a male) complimented saying "Oh wow red nails! They look great on you!" and I felt happy! (silly me I know) But this is by far the best red creme I've own. Completely opaque in one coat, but I did three :D

Lollipop topped with Lippmann's Happy Birthday. More reason for you to enter my giveaway in case you haven't yet. I thought it would just look nice over black or white creme base, but it looks stunning with a red base as well! Like confetti on my nails

Rock Candy - sheer nude pink. A typical Essie shade. A lot of people did not like this one because it was sheer, dadada. But I kinda like it! Took three coats and it looks like a natural french manicure.

And if you don't like sheers. They're great for base coats for konad designs.

Overall, I loved this collection. I thought I was gonna regret buying Lollipop and Rock Candy, but I didn't! I got my money's worth :)

That's all I have for you guys today. Until next time!

Once again, do not forget to enter for my giveaway. Details are here.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Color Club Wild At Heart & Giveaway reminder

As you all I know I'm very behind on my postings, therefore I am just randomly posting nail colors to show. I hope you all don't mind that :)

I bought this when it first came out but never got the chance to try it, but I finally did today.

Color Club Wild At Heart from the Wild At Heart Collection. A deep purple hologram. Say what?!?! O_O I love purple (2nd favorite color follow by green) and to see a gorgeous holo of it is like heaven for me. Absolutely stunning color, and I bet it'd look great as Konad designs.

Don't forget to enter my first giveaway! Details can be found here! Those of you who tweeted or posted on their blogs with have extra entries whether you did both (total of 3 entries) or one or the other (2 entries). Thank you for all those participating. I also love reading all of your comments! You all still have a week to enter!! Don't miss out!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lippmann Holiday Collection & My first GIVEAWAY!

Hey all! Today I have the Lippmann Holiday Collection featuring two nail lacquers called Wicked Game and Happy Birthday!

First off, wicked game. A green, purple, silver, brown? duochrome. The duochrome is shown on the bottle but is moderately shown on the nails. A little sheer, three coats and I can still see thru my nails in the light. But I was fine with that.

I was able to capture the green.

And here's in low light in my attempt to show all the colors. Fail.


Clear base with multicolored, multi-sized glitters. Ooo more glitters. I didn't want to get this at first but I was tempted, and I finally gave in. Definitely not worth $18 in my opinion but what the heck. I'm glad I got it I guess?

And to the part you've all been waiting for..... my very first giveaway!


I know not many of you are willing to spend $18 on a glitter polish that can be franken or found elsewhere, but I'm giving one lucky winner a chance to win it!

I'm new to this so I'm just going to make things VERY simple.

RULES: Anyone can enter including international readers, however you must be a follower to this blog. That's the only rule to have.

Entries: Everyone is allowed up to three entries.
Entry # 1 : E-mail me with your name and e-mail address with the subject as GIVEAWAY (my email is : nailfanatic@gmail.com)
Entry #2 : Tweet about my giveaway including link to the giveaway entry, and either e-mail or leave me a comment with a link to the tweet. Or reply to me @mzgladys (Twitter request to the left)
Entry #3 : Mention my giveaway in your blog, and either e-mail or leave me a comment with a link to the entry.

I think that's pretty fair and simple right? This little contest is open until December 12th EST. I would randomly draw a name on December 13th to announce the winner.

I don't know how I'm going to do it yet, whether through random.org or by writing your entries and randomly pick a name. We shall see!

Here's a picture of Happy Birthday! new in its clear box along with my own bottle. There are slight smudges because I tried to get rid of the pricetag covering it :( Good luck!