Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud

Good day all! New York is supposedly having another snow storm tomorrow. I am NOT looking forward to it. Just when all the snow melted from the last snow storm, another one comes. Boo hoo!!

So today I have Sally Hansen's Opulent Cloud. I bought this one day walking around Rite-Aid not knowing there was a big hype on this one. So I'm kind of glad I got it. I don't see it around anywhere anymore.

I must say Opulent Cloud is gorgeous. It is a gray/silver with flashes of gold. Applied smoothly in three coats. And my picture does not show the beauty of this polish.

So this is all I have for today!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dior Lemon Balm

Hey guys! To add to my previous Monday Blues, we're supposedly getting rain for the rest of the week. Just my luck?! But I'm not gonna let the rain bring me down.

Well with all that said and done, I have for you my second Dior nail polish.

Lemon Balm - exclusively sold at Nordstrom. It is extremely hard to describe this color. And since picture was taken in artificial light, it's not TRUE to color. But this is an amazing polish. I would say this is a taupey-ish packed with shimmers. I've heard people describe it as a dark brown plum and I'd say it's close to it. I'm getting a headache at trying to explain the color.

My last words are, this polish is extraordinary and I love it. Haha ;)

Monday, February 22, 2010

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

I got the Monday blues :(

I wish the weekend was here again. Ugh but anyways, this is an old picture that I realized I never posted but here you go!

OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape! Definitely better than the matte version.

Mint greens.. I just can't get enough!

And while looking through the pics I also found this.. I guess I tried to get a little creative with it haha

Also to let you guys know, Illamasqua pastel collection is now available at their website!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Milani 3D Holographics

Hey guys! As you all know Milani has launched a new collection called 3D holographics. Ever since the release information about these I was hunting for them. After two weeks of looking I've finally got my hands on these. I don't know if these are a must have for others but it was for me. I've only got three of the six collection.

I must say these are absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention their application were perfect in every way! All needed three coats for depth. It's smooth and no top coat was needed. On the plus side, they dry very fast!

Hi-Tech - a yellow green holo. This was my favorite of all. It shined from the rest. My picture is not 100% accurate but it's pretty close!

Hi-Res - a purple holo. This was my second favorite. It is gorgeous.

Cyberspace - an aqua blue holo. Another stunning color.

I found mine at my local CVS for $4.99. I think I'm going to go back for the gold and pink one. As there are many silver holos I have I don't think I need another one since I'm on a "no buy" streak. The last nail polishes I ordered was the BB Couture Hands of Hope collection. Only because it is being discontinued and I wanted it :) I was going to wait but can't wait on that, plus it's for a good cause!

That's all I have for today! I hope every enjoyed their weekend, and enjoy their upcoming week!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

MAC Light Affair from Love Lace Collection

Hey guys! Today I have for you Light Affair from MAC's Love Lace Collection.

I was going to pass on this one because I thought it was just another nude creme. I honestly don't know why I ended up buying it. But anyways, in a way I'm kind of glad I did because I was attracted to this color once it was on my nails.

It is a grayish pink nude. If that makes sense. I didn't have much trouble with the application. This was done in three coats with a top coat. I've looked around and supposedly it's an exact dupe of Essie's Body Language. I don't have the Essie one therefore I couldn't do a comparison but I'll believe it's a dupe from the pics I've seen.

MAC Light Affair in natural light.

MAC Light Affair in artificial light.

It looks more gray in the artificial light and more pink in the natural light. But I'd say it's more accurate to the artificial light. (maybe because I'm indoors most of the time >_>)

Anyways, that's all I have for you today!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Chinese New Year!!

Hey guys! I'm so busy with Chinese New Year and stuff that I don't even have any time to get on the computer. But I finally have at least 20 minutes to spare right now. And I did have time to do a Valentines Day mani and a Chinese New Year theme mani. I also didn't get to read other blogs to see others Valentines Day manicures! I'll be doing that late at night!

I hope everyone enjoys their Valentines Day whether you're taken or single! Eat a lot of chocolates!

My Valentines Day mani consists of:

-OPI Bubble Bath as base
-OPI Time-less is More as tips
-Color Club Limited Edition Pink Glitter
-Claire's Love Struck for the hearts
-And I used a thin brush to apply the silver glitter line

My Chinese New Year mani consists of:

-Nubar Orange Creme as base
-Color Club Limited Edition Pink Glitter
-Konad tiger stripes
-Essie matte about you

This was inspired by Asami! It's year of the tiger for 2010. However, I'm not very good doing free hand designs so I cheated with the konads! I also didn't let it dry enough before applying the matte top coat hence the smudges >_>

Well that's all I have for you guys today! I hope everyone enjoys their day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

NARS Purple Rain for Spring 2010

Hey guys! After a day of being snowed in, today we got some sun here in New York and I was ecstatic >_> so I quickly decided to do a swatch that will look superb in the sun. I decided on NARS Purple Rain because you needed the sun to see the superness of the polish :)

NARS Purple Rain - a deep red toned purple with red and blue shimmers.

Total awesome color and gorgeous however I had slight problem with the application. This was done in two coats and it wasn't thick or streaky or anything. But the handle lol the square box was a little annoying to hold and apply so there were a few smudges here and there that I had to clean. Other than that no complaints at all.

To end this post, here is a picture of my backyard with the snow. This was only the beginning. I think we got about 9 inches of snow or so. I know other places got it worse. But honestly, I'm sick of Winter, go away already!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

China Glaze Up & Away Collection 2010

Hey guys! I finally got done with the Up & Away collection. And I must say this collection is AWESOME. The colors are just all so BRIGHT and vibrant! And the pastels are so perfect that I can't even complain about them. Fully pigmented and absolutely streak free applications. I've included a few webcam pictures to show more of the color differences. Maybe I should start taking pictures with my webcam since they are more accurate -_- It's just not as clear as my Nikon camera. Majority of them were shot with artificial light and some were shot with natural light. In my opinion not much of a big difference.

On with the swatches:

High Hopes - a bright pinkish orangey creme. Bright, but not my taste..

Heli-yum - helium haha clever anyways.. a bright deep pink creme. My pictures show similarity in heli-yum and high hopes, but they're not at all alike except the brightness. Believe it or not this was one coat.

Happy Go Lucky - a very bright lemony yellow creme. This is a gorgeous yellow with a no fuss application. No streaks, nothing. Two coats

Grape Pop - bright purple creme. Um wow. I think this is pretty close to the perfect purple creme I've been looking for. A little off but pretty damn close! Once again, purples are extremely hard to capture in photos -_-

Webcam picture of Grape Pop

Four Leaf Clover - bright teal green creme. *gazes at nails* I love this one! Although this one stained my nails terribly (my nails were aqua >_>) I had to file it down. I didn't mind tho but still not cool since I love this color so much :(

Flyin' High - bright aquaish teal creme. Just a creme version of Custom Kicks (which is shimmer)

Something Sweet - a soft pastel pink creme

Webcam picture of Something Sweet

Re-Freshmint - a pale mint creme. I love this one. I think it's my favorite of the whole collection.

Peachy Keen - light peach creme. I'm starting to love peachy colors! I can't decide where this is my favorite or Re-freshmint.

Webcam picture of Peachy Keen

Light As Air - an uber light lavender creme. It's a little close to white, but the lavender shows as well.

Lemon Fizz - a pale yellow creme. I repeat a pale yellow creme. Yes a flawless application pale yellow creme. Need I repeat myself?!

Playing with a few glitters from Color Club that are limited edition glitters

Color Club Japanese Glitter Fresh Mint over Four Leaf Clover matte - I think this is a stunning combo, for some reason I love seeing glitters matted. It just makes it stand out even more!

Color Club Limited Edition Pink Glitter exclusive to VNS over Something Sweet with some red konad designs. I can never remember the plate numbers sorry lol but I kinda like how this turned out too. Once again I apply matte top coat over this because of my obsession of matte glitters!

Phew! This was a long post, I think my longest. I'm going to get off the computer now and get some rest. I hope everyone have a good weekend. And I hope those in PA and NJ stay safe from that winter storm. I heard it was really bad. I guess New Yorkers got it lucky to only get a few inches while they got a few feet of snow :( stay warm you guys<3

Thursday, February 4, 2010

ORLY Pixie Dust

Hello everyone. Today I have Orly's Pixie Dust from the Fall 2009 Once Upon A Time Collection. I am not going to buy any nail polish until I clear up at least two boxes of my untried nail polishes (can you imagine how many untried polishes I have? @_@) So bare with me, and I'll be delayed on reviewing newer collections.

Pixie Dust - a grayish blue base with silver micro-glitters. This is on one of my top favorite grays. I just love the shimmer on this.

This was done in two coats. Once again Orly's formula never seems to disappoint me. I love it!

I can't believe a week of school passed already. Time goes by WAY too fast..but I'm glad it is, that means the weather will be warmer faster, and school will be over faster, and summer will be here before you know it. *dreams*

Just thought I throw in a picture of Bebe! Ain't she lovely? :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ORLY Wandering Vine

Hey guys! Today I have for you Orly's Wandering Vine from the Bloom Spring Collection. I only bought two colors from this collection, this and Wild Wisteria. Others just didn't appeal to me.

Anyways, Wandering Vine is your typical dark green creme. Although I did bottle comparisons for these I don't think there is a similar one. I love dark green cremes so although there were many similar I still liked this one.

Fully pigmented, required two coats for full coverage. I had no problems with this polish. I never really did have any problems with Orly nail polishes lol

So yes this is all I have for today. More coming soon :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of update, school started and I've been busy wandering around looking for cheaper textbooks and all that junk lol Today I have for you the glitters in Alice in Wonderland collection. Let me tell you this, I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton and Disney. I can't wait for the movie to come out! I'm so excited! I also ended up ordering the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette. I have the Book of Shadows II but I just couldn't resist the cute pop up! So I didn't get the other two reds in the collection just because.. lol

Mad as a Hatter - a 'black' base with multi glitters. It's more of a clear base but applied three coats on it looks semi-black to me. I didn't know that this picture came out terribly and I didn't take other pictures -_- so forgive me please!

Absolutely Alice - blue glitters mixed with gold and silver glitters. This color is absolutely amazing I must say. I couldn't stop staring at my nails because it's just so gorgeous. This is now my favorite OPI nail polish! That's how beautiful it is! This was done in three coats.

I must say, these were ridiculously hard to remove. I ended up peeling it off because I got tired of spending almost 10 minutes on just my thumb. I don't know why they were so hard to remove. But other than that I have no complaints.

The beautiful Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette<3

So that's all I have for you today. I have plenty of pictures piled up ready to show you, so prepare for a lot of entries to make up the days I didn't post :D



Oo this is my first time blogging about giveaways! Thought that would be fun and interesting.

First off!

The wonderful Tuli is having a giveaway for Valentine's Day romantic giveaway:

Look at all those lovely goodies! You can click on the picture that will direct you to her blog for more information!

Next up is a blog that I found recently! Painted Lady Fingers is giving away the Color Club Rebel Debutante Collection!

Again, you can click on the image for more information on her blog!

Gildedangel is celebrating her 300 followers and giving away the above 4 Milani 3D holo nail polishes! Click on the above picture to direct you to her blog for more information!